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Unnatural Selections #58 - Solo Adventures for Staying In

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 19th Jan 2022

Solo Call of Cthulhu

Away from your gaming group, or just staying in? Try out our solo Call of Cthulhu adventures! Here's what reviewers have to say about them:

Alone Against the Tide – $14.99 inc PDF

"Whether you’re new to Call of Cthulhu, or you’re looking for a way to take a character off on a solo excursion, Alone Against The Tide is a great way to splash around in the shallows of the mythos before diving in." — Tabletop Gaming Magazine.

"Engaging and fun...Rating: 9 on a d10" — The Dice Knights.

"A solid challenge, but very approachable... and by going though this adventure I feel way more confident about running Call of Cthulhu (as a Keeper)." — Staying In Podcast.

Alone Against the Dark – $14.95 inc PDF

"A brilliant example of a solo roleplaying experience." — Staying in Podcast.

Alone Against the Frost – $19.99 inc PDF

"If you have a free night to yourself and want to fill it with interesting horror and trauma, this will make the night worthwhile." — Never Read the Latin.

"STYLE 5, SUBSTANCE 5. Alone Against the Frost is the best solo adventure new Chaosium has published up to now" — Antonios S.,

Alone Against the Flames $9.95 $3.99 inc PDF or Free PDF download.

"Learning while doing. If only more RPGs did it as successfully."—Antonios S., RPGNet.

"Just settle in a comfy chair with some lucky dice, open the book, and follow the instructions. It dumps you right into the story and teaches you the game as you go..."—Black Gate.

Does Love Forgive? – $12.99 inc PDF

"The compilation you need in order to gently lure people into horror roleplaying, one victim at a time." — Antonios S. RPGNet.

"A very welcome addition to the way in which Call of Cthulhu can be played and hopefully the format will be supported with further scenarios, if not a campaign!" — Reviews from R'lyeh.

"Both scenarios in Does Love Forgive? revolve around deep relationships and emotions (ye gods, what would Lovecraft think?) which don’t usually involve themselves in Call of Cthulhu games often, much less as a focal point. This is not meant as a discouragement to play them in the least. Give this collection a shot. I think they provide a different, entertaining, and very rewarding change from focusing on not getting tentacled to death." — Never Read the Latin.

All these solo adventures require either the Call of Cthulhu Quickstart Rules or the Keeper Rulebook, or the rules from the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set.

RQ Solos

And for more solo adventure fun check out the SoloQuest Classic Collection for RuneQuest Classic, and 'The Battle of Dangerford' for RuneQuest - it's available in the RuneQuest Starter Set and you can also play it free online!