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Unnatural Selections #29: Pookie reviews all five of the #weareallus scenarios honoring Greg Stafford

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 14th Oct 2019

Pookie of Reviews from R'lyeh has reviewed all five of our free #weareallus scenario releases honoring Greg Stafford:

  • Helena Nash's The Rattling Wind (RuneQuest): "A rollicking good scenario... makes for a decent one-shot, but it really works as an interlude scenario, one that is easily inserted into an ongoing campaign. It nicely brings into play the recent history of Sartar and confirms in the adventurers’ minds the prejudices they have about the Lunar Empire."
  • Ian Cooper's Highwall Inn (HeroQuest Glorantha): "...a really tense horror scenario that harries the player characters up against each other and pushing, pushing them into confrontations with each other before ratcheting up the horror again... Overall, Highwall Inn is an excellent demonstration or convention scenario for both HeroQuest Glorantha and Glorantha."
  • John Wick's The Sword of Kings (7th Sea): "...everything necessary to provide a 7th Sea Game Master and her players with a session’s worth of swashbuckling and sorcery—more than mild peril, a dastardly villain, a McGuffin, and a mystery."
  • Leigh Carr with Lynne Hardy's The Lightless Beacon (Call of Cthulhu): "An excellent demonstration scenario... offers pacy play, some solid roleplaying hooks, an unexpected twist upon “It’s behind you”, and a punchy scenario..."
  • Greg Stafford's The Quest of the Red Blade (King Arthur Pendragon): "It is great to see this unpublished delight from the pen of Greg Stafford."

All five adventures can be downloaded free here: