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Unnatural Selections #21: Unboxings of the new RQ Slipcase

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 12th Apr 2019

As long-time fans of RuneQuest and the newly Glorantha-curious receive their RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha Slipcase Sets in the mail some have shared the excitement of opening their package in unboxing videos. Here's just a sample of them:

"It's already been a fun journey discovering this unique world" - A great unboxing video by RPG Imaginings, who has never played RuneQuest before and is looking at the release totally fresh:

Kenny Johnson is a big RuneQuest fan, and in his unboxing video he gives his reasons why players of other fantasy RPGs should give it a try:

Dungeon Musings gives a comprehensive look through the Slipcase and how the art and design hows show how  "different and vibrant" RuneQuest is as an RPG and Glorantha is as a setting: 

Diana Probst is another big Glorantha fan and describes the new slipcase set as a "box-full of happiness":

And there are many more such unboxing videos already on YouTube! Meanwhile, here's some of what the critics have already said about the new RuneQuest:

RQG Cover

The RQG Core Rules

"Greg Stafford's supreme creation brought fully up to date with the presentation it deserves and tremendous added depth. A fitting memorial. STYLE - 5/5. SUBSTANCE - 5/5: Can it go higher than 5?"—Paul StJohn MacIntosh, RPGNet review.

"In a market stuffed to the gills with fantasy RPGs, RuneQuest offers something a little different from the heroic norm – something a little deadlier, rooted in a time of bronze and barbarians, where historic realism mixes with raw, primitive magic that hangs in the air like early morning mist."— Tabletop Gaming review, Oct 2018 (nb #9 on their list of 150 Greatest Games of All Time)

"…a fascinating blend of wild heroism and ruthless simulation that goes to create a game that offers something utterly unique…[RuneQuest] breaks away from the core tropes of gleaming armour and codified magic that have come to dominate fantasy in recent decades and replaces it with something that feels closer to ancient myths and legends – more The Odyssey than Lord of the Rings."—EN World.

"RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha is a work of art. It is a gorgeous book and an engrossing game in one, the future of the RuneQuest system superimposed on the most detailed RPG setting of them all. The design dynamically delivers the impossible, turning crunch and fluff into one. Its capability to create stories even before the characters are presented to one another, and its crunchiness when the going gets tough and hard decisions are required, have already earned it a place in the pantheon of gaming. Veterans will feel right at home, while new fans will wonder how come a game like this didn't exist up to now. Everything the new Chaosium touches turns to gold. Buy and play, immediately!"—Antonios S., RPGNet review.

"One of the most stunning RPG books ever made"—Games Vs Play.

RQG Bestiary

The RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary

"The Bestiary is a treasure, a masterfully illustrated and produced tome that far and away surpasses any other monster guides we have seen for Glorantha… the most definitive and comprehensive look yet at Glorantha’s non-human cast of characters to date."— Andrew Logan Montgomery, Exploring the Otherworlds of Fiction, Magic, and Gaming.

"STYLE: 5. The revitalized Chaosium has been putting out some dazzling books, and this one is no exception - especially with the vivid and loving renditions of the various beasties and beings. SUBSTANCE: 5. Not just a compendium of creatures, but an indispensable companion, steeped in Gloranthan lore and thoroughly inspirational."—Paul StJohn Mackintosh review, RPGNet.

RQG GM Screen Pack

The RQG Gamemaster Screen Pack

"If I have a chief complaint with the new RuneQuest GameMaster Screen Pack, it's that it is a very badly named product. Yes, there is a gorgeous gamemaster screen in there, 20 pages of handy reference sheets, sumptuous character sheets, tons of maps, and even a calendar... but what the team have really given us here is a living, breathing culture. The component they humbly refer to as a "booklet" is in fact a 128-page book detailing the lands and peoples of the Colymar tribe. It easily could have been sold separately from the "Screen Pack," but Chaosium has never been big on half measures."—Andrew Logan Montgomery, Exploring the Otherworlds of Fiction, Magic, and Gaming.