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THE DEAD OF WINTER, an epic story of intrigue, love, and horror set in 1929 across London and Russia: Tuesday nights on Chaosium Twitch

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 4th Feb 2020

Coming to Chaosium Twitch on Tuesday nights: The Dead of Winter, a new Call of Cthulhu live play campaign. Set in 1929 in London and Russia, this is an epic tale of intrigue, love, and horror by Tim Wiseman, author of the brilliant Tatters of the King campaign.

Call of Cthulhu creative director Mike Mason @mikemason is play testing this bizarre and mystifying campaign live on Twitch TV, then on YouTube, starting February 4 at 8pm GMT (UK) / 3pm EST / 12 noon PST.

Joining him are these intrepid investigators: 

  • Lynne Hardy @CogsandCakes – playing Francis Ball, a private investigator
  • Becky @ConPlusRPG – playing Eleanor Wright, a journalist
  • Jema @SparklyJem – playing Georgina Sullivan, a sculptor
  • Jayson @ConPlusRPG – playing Maxime Elliot, a dilettante

The strange reappearance of people long gone from the investigators’ lives precedes the arrival of two curious letters, both asking for help from unexpected sources. The investigators are drawn into a series of events taking them far from home and into the unfamiliar and potentially dangerous landscape of Soviet Russia where friends may be enemies and enemies might be friends.

Join us for an adventure like no other.