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RuneQuest Gamemaster Screen Pack to be released in PDF on September 14

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 8th Sep 2018

RuneQuest GM Screen Pack Cover by Andrey Fetisov

The RUNEQUEST GAMEMASTER SCREEN PACK will be released in PDF on Friday, September 14

Here's what's inside:

The Tin Inn Map

—4 panel Gamemaster screen
—blank character sheets
—128 page book of adventures
—20 page quick reference of commonly used tables
—16 page gloranthan calendar
—6 maps
—pre-generated character sheets.

On purchasing the PDF from you will receive a coupon for the FULL COST of the PDF off the price of the physical version which will be available later this year.

Andrey Fetisov's wonderful cover art for the GM Screen Pack is available to download in our special RuneQuest pre-release Dropbox Folder. Sign up here to access.