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Out now: a new look Glorantha Sourcebook

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 10th Apr 2024

Glorantha Sourcebook

“Glorantha is my personal North Star as an author of vast fantasy game narratives...”
— Ken Rolston, (The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

RuneQuest: The Glorantha Sourcebook is a guide to the mythical world of Bronze Age fantasy created by legendary game designer Greg Stafford. It is every RuneQuest player’s stepping stone into legend—a journey that continues with the Guide to Glorantha, and ends in your imagination!

This new edition contains revised, updated, and expanded content drawn from a variety of long out-of-print and rare sources. Alongside an updated internal design to bring RuneQuest:The Glorantha Sourcebook in line with modern RuneQuest titles, it also has a brand new cover by stellar artist LoÏc Muzy. This edition also includes updated genealogy tables, some new art, and new maps.

RuneQuest: The Glorantha Sourcebook details Glorantha, the signature setting for RuneQuest. This book is a supplement without rules or a game system This allows you to apply the setting of Glorantha to any game system of your choice, or delve into one of the most richly imagined fantasy worlds ever created.

Also available in a special leatherette version!

What the critics said about the previous edition of the Glorantha Sourcebook

  • "The best most affordable introduction to the rich fantasy world of Glorantha so far." — Runeblogger.
  • "Drawing on long out-of-print sources, and including new materials, this belongs in the collection of new Glorantha fans and old timers alike… vividly told, beautifully illustrated, and inspirational." — Andrew Logan Montgomery.
  • "An excellent introduction and guide, and probably the exact amount you’ll ever need to run your own Glorantha campaign." — Vintage RPG.
  • 2019 ENnie Awards - Best Supplement (Gold)

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Glorantha Sourcebook Leatherette

  • Full color hardcover: $44.99 (price inc. PDF)
  • Special leatherette version: $90.00 (price inc. PDF)
  • PDF: $22.99

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