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New Syrinscape Sound Pack: The Two-headed Serpent Chapter Four – Oklahoma!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 12th Nov 2021

Following the success of their Masks of Nyarlathotep SoundPacks, our friends at Syrinscape are releasing full audio support for the thrilling Pulp Cthulhu adventures of The Two-Headed Serpent, chapter by chapter!

Chapters 1,2,3 are already out - Soundsets for BoliviaNew York and North Borneo. And now there is a complete sound solution to Chapter 4 of this epic adventure, Oklahoma

From the mission briefing room and radio station broadcast center to the whole town of Bingham, every location is packed in here. Stores, offices, people’s houses and even a lumberyard. You’ll get the chance to hear Tyranssh get angry with her capture before opening a portal. Also a mysterious recording that hides a message. And every now and then, the chance to hear the Oklahoma’s popular radio station.

And is this Adventure SoundPack useful when you're not actually playing the The Two Headed Serpent adventure?

The Two-headed Serpent

Yes! Because if you want the sounds of...

  • fist fights
  • gun fights
  • old 1900's quiet store
  • small news publisher office
  • traveling on a train
  • quiet fan ventilated office
  • 1930’s radio broadcasting center
  • a lumber yard
  • a building being molotoved
  • 1900's small American town street
  • old backwaters American house

All of this and more can be found in this pack!

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