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Miskatonic Monday #91: 'The Last Dance of Lola Montez' and other new releases

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 8th Apr 2024

Wow, the Miskatonic Repository continues to go from strength-to-strength. Here's the latest array of titles by independent Call of Cthulhu creators at DriveThruRPG!

The Last Dance of Lola Montez: A Call of Cthulhu Modern Adventure
David Waldron ($4.95, 43 page PDF, also available in softcover)

Five friends, united by grief, face torments driven by a dark threat thought hidden for over a century. A threat driven by a dark thirst for passion soaked in blood. 

Modern one-shot adventure which explores the dark legacy of Australia's goldrush history. By the author of the award winning William Bailey's Haunted Mansion, historian David Waldron. 

Stygian Muse says The Last Dance of Lola Montez makes for "makes for an interesting and thought-provoking read" - read the full review here.

Mad Sci - How to Train your Shoggoth
Kurt Havelock (Pay-What-You-Want, Rec Price Free, 38 page PDF)

It's campus chaos at Miskatonic University! Tess Alvitr is a Norwegian exchange student that has come to Miskatonic University to get her Doctorate of Synthetic Biology. Little did she know that the sinister forces which stalk this place would be her undoing...

Though originally intended for modern Call of Cthulhu, it is not dependent on that and can be used in any era where Miskatonic University exists.