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Miskatonic Monday #83: On Strange Seas is a complete Regency Cthulhu sourcebook with six scenarios - and out in POD!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 16th Oct 2023

In Strange Seas - Miskatonic Repository

Here's a prime example of a talented crew of independent Call of Cthulhu creators taking on one of Chaosium's official Call of Cthulhu settings and expanding it dramatically in exciting ways — which creators are expressly permitted and even encouraged to do as part of the Miskatonic Repository community content program at DriveThruRPG. 

With In Strange Seas the Royal Navy meets the Mythos! This a brilliant new take on Call of Cthulhu's Regency Cthulhu: available now in PDF and POD formats. 

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In Strange Seas: The Regency Cthulhu Naval Compendium
Evan Perlman, Cameron Hays, Meghan Kuschner, Jazmin Ospa, SR Sellens, Alexander Smith, Carolyn Ivy Stein, Stephen K. Stein ($17.95 for PDF, p[lus POD options, 188 pages)

In the Regency Era, the Royal Navy is all that stands between England and the imperial designs of Napoleon. Now, the sailors must also stand against the horrors and threats beyond all understanding!

Can your investigators survive in the dangerous wooden world of a King’s ship? And if they do, will their reputations survive intact?

In Strange Seas provides a full setting guide for the world of the Royal Navy in Regency Cthulhu. In this guide, you get:

  • Details about society and daily life at sea
  • Tips for running naval combat, with a player-facing cheat sheet!
  • Customized investigator creation, including Navy-specific occupations and backstory tables
  • Advice on using Reputation rules at sea, where a sailor may be poor in treasure but rich in esteem
  • Quick references for all different kinds of ships
  • A tour of a frigate
  • Colorful phrases
  • Period-authentic recipes

Also provided are six scenarios that will take your investigators across the seven seas, to the navy headquarters, and even across time itself!

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