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Journey to Jonstown #65: more great Gloranthan creations in the Jonstown Compendium

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 14th Dec 2023

Jonstown Compendium

Are you a RuneQuest GM looking for new scenarios and story elements? A player looking for something mysterious to spark a character idea? Is your group looking for more Gloranthan goodness to use in your game? The Jonstown Compendium is where you can find —and create —self-published material for your Gloranthan roleplaying games.

Here are the latest releases from independent RuneQuest creators; do check them out, and leave a star rating or review if you like what you see! 

Jonstown Compendium

Peter Hart ($15.00, 171 page PDF)

The Lunar College of Magicians wants to get hold of this year’s batch of Hydra’s eggs. Yes, that’s Hydra! Not some lesser hydra, but one of Glorantha’s few greater hydras: the only one known to exist in Genertela. The hydra of legend, said to be as large as a city, which lives atop Hydra’s Hill in the Hydra Mountains. The burden of expectation on the Magicians is currently high and delivering domesticated lesser hydra to fight alongside the troops in the field would satisfy Moonson of their continued utility. To that end the College has had assembled a disparate crew of expendables. Recent defeats in Sartar have a silver lining. Disgraced warriors who have fallen from favour may now be assigned to dangerous but potentially rewarding missions. Enter the adventurers!

The Sanctum of Sarkath Han
Magnus Seter, Robert Dudock, The Yellow Hand ($9.99, 50 page PDF)

One Hundred Years. Two hundred Years. Three Hundred Years. Alabastor Did Not Know How Long She Had Been Incarcerated. But Now, She Would Soon Be Freed From Her Shackles.

The adventure builds on the legendary starter adventure The Vault of Sarkath Han by the late Steve Perrin.

The King-who-Walks
Vivien Prigent ($7.50, 67 page PDF)

This book is the first of the Beyond the Vale series, the sequel to In a Merry Green Vale and A Vale Ablaze. The King-who-Walks offers a two-fold scenario leading the players from Dangerford to the Godtime. Although the default setting is 1613-1624, advice to adapt it to a post-Dragonrise timeframe is provided, offering the PCs the opportunity to play a key-role in Kallyr Starbrow’s victory at the Battle of Dangerford.

Ostrich Riders
JK Revell ($4.00, 26 page PDF)

This is a description of one of the lesser, ‘independent’ tribes of Prax. It includes brief character generation rules for the Ostrich Riders, and a description of the cult of the Ostrich Mother, central to their culture. It also includes a brief history of one of the ostrich clans, with twelve NPCs that can provide interaction or story possibilities for RuneQuest or QuestWorlds games in Glorantha.

Jonstown Compendium

Islands of the Lost: Hero Wars in the East Isles - Vol 3
Hannu Rytövuori, David Cake, Nils Weinander ($12.00, 140 page PDF)

Campaign and a sourcebook for the Korolan Islands in the East Islands, following on from the previous volumes in this series, Korolan Islands: Hero Wars in the East Isles - Volume 1 and Fires of Mingai: Hero Wars in the East Isles - Vol 2. Islands of the Lost is a starting point for a campaign in the East Isles and includes four RQG scenarios and contains a detailed gazetteer plus four adventures set on the Korolan Islands of Tamoro and Luvata and on two islands outside Korola. The book also has a timeline of future events of the East Isles, new ships and a summary of needed ship rules, six new cults and a new martial arts style.

Stern Kolating
Zed Nope ($5.00, 4000 pixel PNG image)

A watercolour illustration of a Kolating Shaman, holed up in a cave somewhere, may be used under license in Jonstown Compendium projects.

Tarkalor's Keep
Finmirage ($2.50, 11 page PDF)

Adventure location situated near Apple Lane and featured briefly in the RuneQuest Gamemaster Screen Pack's Adventures book. Details the eponymous keep, and includes a short adventure.

Jonstown Compendium

Eurmal's Truth
Smol Snek ($0.50, 2 page PDF)

There was a murder, but it was 20 years ago. Ghosts call out for venge... no wait, the ghost is summoning a bear, not vengeance.

In need of plot, or filler, or the happy warm feeling of supporting a young writer? We have you covered!

Tiny Treasures
Smol Snek ($0.50, 2 page PDF)

Six precious things to spice up market-time or send your adventurers off after the rumours of new treasures. Some are simple or common, one is unique but cheap. Give your Jonstown Market a boost with a new caravan, or pick one up in the graceful collonades of Boldhome, or the loud souks and painted trade-houses of Nochet.

Porcupine Cat
Smol Snek ($0.50, 2 page PDF)

A single cute but very spiky animal, two pages of cuteness with spikes. Full stats and three mini plots so you can use this splendid creature in your campaigns without effort.

Josntown Compendium

The Bandit Den
Smol Snek ($0.50, 2 page PDF)

There are bandits in the hills again, and the PCs are hired to deal with them. The place is hidden ­– yay! – trapped – double yay! – and full of violent murderers, so it’s a specialist job.

This is a simple fight-it-out adventure, showing the consequences of banditry; you have a PC problem.

100 Hooks and Rumours for Griffin Mountain
Adrian Kennelly ($1.99, 10 page PDF)

Characters can come across rumours when asking around for information and this supplement has 100 such for them to hear in Balazar, primarily related to the three citadels. Whether or not any particular rumour is true is up to the GM. They can be used as background colour, misinformation and as potential adventure hooks.

Glorantha Scenes - Orlanth Temple
Mikael Mansen (Pay-What-You-Want, Rec price $0.00, 2 page PDF)

Orlanth Temple map, based on the Orlanth Temple Map in RQ3's Strangers in Prax.

Jonstown Compendium

Maps by Mikael Mansen: These maps include a commercial license so creators can use them in Jonstown Compendium products.

Pamaltela - Glorantha Continent
Mikael Mansen ($4.50, 9 page PDF)

Boshan - Glorantha Area Maps
Mikael Mansen ($5.50, 4 page PDF)

Glorantha Settlement Hillhaven Village
Mikael Mansen (Pay-What-You-Want, Rec price $0.00, 4 page PDF)

Two Pine Ridge - Glorantha Close up
Mikael Mansen ($4.50, 2 page PDF)

Indigo Mountains - Glorantha Close up
Mikael Mansen ($4.45, 4 page PDF)

Black Forest - Glorantha Close up

Mikael Mansen (Free, 6 page PDF)

High Llama Pass - Glorantha Close up
Mikael Mansen ($4.50, 5 page PDF)

Glorantha Settlement 19
Mikael Mansen (Free, 2 page PDF)

Ruined Glorantha Settlement 1
Mikael Mansen ($3.50, 4 page PDF)

Ruined Glorantha Settlement 2
Mikael Mansen ($3.50, 4 page PDF)

Glorantha settlement - 29
Mikael Mansen ($3.60, 4 page PDF)

Glorantha Settlement 28
Mikael Mansen ($4.50, 4 page PDF)

Glorantha Settlement 27
Mikael Mansen ($4.50, 4 page PDF)

Jonstown Compendium