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Journey to Jonstown #62: Ships & Shores of Southern Genertela is a feast for your eyes

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 8th Sep 2023

"The lines have been cast off, the crew have pushed away from the quay with fending poles, and the sweeps are deployed until we catch the breeze...." 

Martin Helsdon's magnificent and magisterial Ships & Shores of Southern Genertela has just been released on the Jonstown Compendium.

Winner of the 2019 Greg Stafford Memorial Award for Gloranthan Fandom, Martin's latest magnum opus is 393 pages of entertaining, meticulously researched text about seafaring in Glorantha, including the running tale 'A Periplus of Southern Genertela'.

And this book is also feast for the eyes, profusely and exquisitely illustrated by Mark Smylie, Angus McBride (yes, really), Don Lawrence, Andrew Howat, Kris Herbert, Juha Heinänen, Simon Bray, Philip McDonnell, and fellow Greg Stafford Memorial Award winner Katrin Dirim.

"A massive, gloriously-illustrated tome that covers nautical affairs as thoroughly as his Armies & Enemies covered warfare," says Nick Brooke.

Ships & Shores of Southern Genertela
Martin Helsdon ($24.95, 393 page PDF)

Explores the vessels of the Third Age, with particular emphasis on the shipbuilding and shiphandling originating in the waters of Choralinthor Bay following the Opening of the Seas by the hero demigod Dormal. This 392-page book explores the maritime traditions of the new generations of sailors, especially those of the lands and islands about the Bay: Esrolia, Heortland, and the Rightarm Islands.

Throughout the book, the Periplus of Southern Genertela recounts the life of an Issaries merchant, as he sails about Choralinthor Bay, voyages to the island of Melib, travels to distant Noloswal, and other places, encountering opportunities and perils, all beautifully illustrated by Katrin Dirim. He walks the streets and visits the temples of Nochet, sails to Karse, Handra, Kaxtorplose, and many other cities, swims down to the merfolk city of Deeper, and recalls a trip to the City of Wonders as a child.

nb Martin advises that the book is a work-in-progress and will be updated with even more gorgeous full colour art. If you purchase the PDF now, you automatically receive all updates to the file at no additional cost.

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