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ENNIES 2022: be a "Dream Date" at the Chaosium table for the Awards and Pick Your Own Madness

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 27th Jul 2022

Chaosium is taking part in the ENNIES "Dream Date" auction for Gen Con this year. All proceeds from the Dream Date auctions are used to fund the production of the ENNIE Awards each year. Chaosium is in the running for seven awards (six nominations, plus fan award for best publisher), and hopefully might win a few, so it promises to be an entertaining evening!

The highest bidder gets to join the Chaosium team at a specially designated table right in front of the stage at the 2022 ENNIE Awards on August 5th, 2022 at 8pm at Gen Con!

Bidding is live!

Pick Your Own Madness

Furthermore, our Dream Date doesn't go home from the ENNIES with nothing but memories of a fun night. They also get an official Chaosium “tuxedo” black t-shirt and two EMPTY slipcases. And they can bring those empty slipcases to Chaosium's Gen Con booth and fill them with whatever Chaosium products they choose!

Bidding is live

Bid here!:

There are also 'Dream Date' tables up for bidding from our friends H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, Pelgrane Press, Beadle & Grimms, Magpie Games, Nerdburger Games, and a Judges Table.

Please note: Winner must have a valid Gen Con badge to attend the ENNIE Awards and is responsible for any associated expenses with attending Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN.