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Conventions have begun in earnest - and the Cult of Chaos will be at them!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 26th Apr 2022

Our post-con survey for Chaosium Con indicates this was the first convention about 50% of the attendees had been to since the pandemic started. But that's a huge sign that people are coming out of their lairs and blinking in the bright sunshine of in-person gaming again! And members of the Cult of Chaos, our official Gamemaster program for running demos and gaming sessions at events, will be at conventions coming up, running Call of Cthullhu, RuneQuest, Pendragon, 7th Sea, and other Chaosium games. 

These are some of those conventions, more are sure to be added!:

Herefordshire Gaming Mega May Charity Gaming Weekend (UK)
May 13th -15th

Balticon 56 (Baltimore, MD)
May 27th-30th

Armageddon Expo (Auckland, New Zealand)
June 10th-12th

Gen Con Online
August 4th - 7th

(In addition to the big in-person event, for which Chaosium already has a team, we are building an online offering to support Gen Con's simultaneous digital event.)

Continuum 2022 (Oadby, UK)
August 5th - 8th

PAX Australia (Melbourne Australia)
October 7th-9th

Gamehole Con (Madison WI)
October 20th - 23rd

Join the Cult of Chaos!

Membership in the Cult of Chaos is completely free. It requires passion, knowledge of at least one of our game systems, a basic knowledge of Chaosium, and a willingness to run our games for new players. 

Members run games at local game shops, events, conventions, or online to introduce new players. While Cult of Chaos members should be, above all, motivated by the desire to have fun we'll reward you with store credit at for running a public event. 

We have a dedicated forum at BRPCentral which contains our discussion groups and library of adventures (you will receive the password after you have joined).

If you are a store or convention seeking GMs to run Chaosium games, or require further information please contact Todd, our director of organised play.