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Check out the Chaosium Con Schedule

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 17th Feb 2022

Chaosium Con is happening in Ann Arbor, MI on April 8-9! And finally the convention is ready to share an early look at the events scheduled so far:

  • We have 12 seminars or auditorium events, plus the Grand Market—an auction of Chaosium memorabilia hosted by Rick Meints and Mike Mason.

  • Volunteer GMs and Chaosium staff have submitted about 65 sessions of RPG games, plus we have Cthulhu Wars and Glorantha: The Gods War being hosted. 
  • Plus sessions for VIP players where you get to play with a Chaosium staff member GMing. 
  • And You Too Can Cthulhu is running their full multi-media games (as you would see at Gen Con), but free to anyone that signs up.

How do I see this schedule?

We are using to manage player and GM sign-ups. You will need to register an account there.

Once registered, check back at 5pm Eastern. At that time the event Chaosium Con 2022 will become available for you to register in. The early schedule will be up, although you cannot sign up to play anything yet.

On February 22nd at 5pm Eastern, GMs will be able to sign up to play in games. That's the main perk of running one or more games: early event sign ups!

On March 1st at 5pm Eastern, event sign up will be opened for everyone who has a confirmed Chaosium Con ticket. If your Warhorn email doesn't match a ticket purchase, we will contact you!

Happy to accomodate more GMs

If you already submitted to GM a session, great! Your registration will be enabled as a GM and you can assign yourself to your event through Warhorn. But if you want to run a session and have not submitted that event, there is still time!

You can run your own scenario, a published scenario, or just offer to run a scenario that Chaosium provides. Whatever works for you. In fact, we have three new Call of Cthulhu convention scenarios from the Cult of Chaos launching at Chaosium Con. We'd love to have more GMs for that.

To sign up as a GM, you need to volunteer on the Event Submission form. If you want to run a scenario that Chaosium provides, pick your game system and then pick "CHAOSIUM RUN EVENT" for the game type.

If you get your volunteer GM submission in by Friday 18th, we can make sure you are part of the early GM event signup. And then, on the 22nd, all GMs that have committed to their game through the Warhorn system will be enabled to sign up for events. If you get a volunteer GM submission in by Friday 25th, then we will make sure you can sign up that weekend, before the schedule opens to everyone.

For more about Chaosium Con and to book your ticket, check out our convention page.

See you in Ann Arbor!