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Chaosium's 2018 ENnies Success: thanks to all the creative teams

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 5th Aug 2018

Chaosium had a great night at the 2018 ENnies Awards at Gen Con, picking up four Gold and two Silver awards from nine nominations. 

Many thanks to the ENnies judging panel for shortlisting our work for consideration, and to the Chaosium tribe and voting public for your support!

The Chaosium winners were:

Thanks to the creative teams behind each of our winning titles!

Khan of KhansKHAN OF KHANSBest RPG-Related Product GOLD, Best Family Product GOLD

  • Designer – Reiner Knizia
  • Game Development – Susan O’Brien
  • Glorantha Development – Greg Stafford
  • Additional Development – Michael O’Brien
  • Art & Graphic Design – Ian O’Toole
  • Play testing – Andrew Bean, Barbara Braun, Neil Robinson, Jane Saleeba, Aidan O'Brien, Harry O'Brien, Leo O’Brien, Jeff Richard, Rick Meints, Robert Schade, Ben Schade, Otto Schade, and the kids at Swan Con 2016 

Reign of TerrorREIGN OF TERROR - Best Supplement GOLD

  • Author – Mark Morrison
  • Additional Writing – Penelope Love, Darren Watson, James Coquillat
  • Editing and Development – Mike Mason
  • Additional Development – Rick Meints, Michael O'Brien
  • Front Cover and Interior Art – Victor Leza
  • Back Cover Art – Delphes Desvoivres and Denys Corel
  • Cartography – Stephanie McAlea and Olivier Sanfilippo 
  • Layout and Art Direction – Nicholas Nacario
  • Book Design – Michal E. Cross
  • Proofreading – T.R. Knight and Doug Bailey
  • Special Thanks – to the original play testers Kickstarter patrons who helped to make this special scenario a reality: Jason Donahue, Thomas Lynch, Tom Bockert and Travis Henson
  • Additional play testing – Euan Buchanan, Simon Keane, Christian Moura, Mark Thomas, Ryan Phelan, Ben Turner, Jason Bulmahn, James Jacobs, Rob McCreary, Erik Mona, Daniel Bower, Vincent Chau, Jackson Heenan, Natasha Hirt, and Alex Smiles. 

RuneQuest QuickstartRUNEQUEST QUICKSTART - Best Free Product GOLD

  • Authors – Jeff Richard and Jason Durall
  • Based on work by – Steve Perrin, Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen, Ken Rolston, Ray Turney, and Chris Klug
  • Cover Art – Andre Fetisov
  • Art Direction (cover) – Michael O'Brien
  • Interior Illustrations – Roman Kisyov
  • Art Direction (interior) – Jeff Richard
  • Graphic Design & Layout – Nicholas Nacario, Rick Meints, and Michal E. Cross
  • Cartography – Simon Bray
  • Play testing – Andrew Bean, Eric Borg, Barbara Braun, Mara Braun, Mark Dunleavy, T.F. Druid, Todd Gardiner, Sven Grottke, Kris Alice Hohls, Claudia Loroff, Harry O’Brien, Michael O’Brien, Susan O’Brien, Christine Reich, Neil Robinson, and Jane Saleeba 
Down Darker Trails


  • Authors – Kevin Ross, Keith Herber, Scott David Aniolowski, David Cole, Todd A. Woods, Nicholas Nacario, Paul Fricker, and Mike Mason
  • Cover Art – Sam Lamont
  • Artists – Rachel Kahn, M. Wayne Miller, Loic Muzy, Jonathan Wyke
  • Cartography – Vandel J. Arden, Andrew Law
  • Development for 7th Ed Call of Cthulhu – Mike Mason, Paul Fricker
  • Editing – Mike Mason
  • Art Direction & Layout – Nicholas Nacario
  • Book Design – Michal E Cross
  • Proofreading – Doug Bailey, TR Knight

ChaosiumCHAOSIUM  Fan Favourite Publisher SILVER

The Chaosium Team is Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen, Dustin Wright, Nick Nacario, Mike Mason, Rick Meints, Jeff Richard, Neil Robinson, Michael O'Brien, Raja Panchmatia, Todd Gardiner, Jason Durall, Susan O'Brien, James Lowder, Lynne Hardy and James Coquillat

We also want to highlight and congratulate Chaosium licensees and friends Darker Hues Studios for Harlem Unbound (GOLD - Best Cover, GOLD - Best Setting, GOLD - Best Writing) and Miskatonic University Podcast (GOLD - Best podcast).

Many thanks also to our friends at Syrinscape, who composed the special walk-up music from their amazing new Masks of Nyarlathotep Sound Set. This was played every time Chaosium won an award!