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Chaosium Con VIP sessions

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 21st Jan 2022

By Bridgett Jeffries

VIP Events at Chaosium Con, you say? We DO say! Let’s check out the rollout!

This is an exceptional opportunity for you to play at the table with some of Chaosium’s most wildly creative and brilliant creators in sessions for Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, Pendragon, Questworlds, Lords of the Middle Sea, Hawkmoon, and Rivers of London

These highly coveted sessions will take place in their own dedicated area at the con, and seats will be paid entry. They'll be available to book soon. Remember, you must already be a registered attendee for Chaosium Con to book as a VIP player for one of these sessions. More VIP sessions may be added. Check out our convention page for more details!

James LowderFriday 8 April – 9.00AM-1.00PM
Nightmare City (Call of Cthulhu) with James Lowder

Speakeasies in Prohibition-era Chicago were not the safest places to frequent, but the best boasted high-quality drinks and even higher-quality entertainment. The Wilde Reputation was not one of those. This dingy joint offered the worst rotgut on the South Side and entertainment that could, on the wrong day, prove more dangerous than all the city’s mob bosses combined. For a handful of patrons gathered at the Reputation in January 1929, it’s the wrong day. Based on the Corpse short story cycle by James Lowder. No experience with Call of Cthulhu needed. [Content warning: body horror, violence, cosmic horror.]

Lynne HardyFriday 8 April – 9.00AM-1.00PM
The Church on the Hill (Call of Cthulhu) with Lynne Hardy

The Church of St Mary and St Hardulph has stood overlooking the village of Breedon on the Hill for many centuries, although the site on which it stands is older still. And as with all historic sites, there are many legends attached to it. Unfortunately, a recent blasting accident in the quarry at the foot of the hill has damaged the church and the vicar, Rev. Lucas Wolf, has called in the investigators to assess the damage. But what might the accident have to do with the strange claims by the groundskeeper and the church’s cleaning lady? What secrets does the church on the hill still hold?

Jason DurallFriday 8 April – 2.00PM-6.00PM
The Forest on the Waves (RuneQuest) with Jason Durall

When Argrath sent you down the river to Nochet, it seemed like an easy enough task. Deliver enough in the way of treasure and sweetened words to keep Queen Samastina on your side and keep the money flowing. But now, it seems your lazy journey down the Creek-Stream River has hit a snag...

Friday 8 April – 2.00PM-6.00PM
The House of Infinity (Call of Cthulhu) with David Larkins

Private Llewellyn Bagshaw lies in the Invalid Ward of St. Mary’s Teaching Hospital in Arkham. Another anonymous victim of the Great War, he is paralyzed and unable to communicate with the outside world. Unfortunately, Private Bagshaw holds a key clue to a mystery that the investigators are pursuing. There is only one way to retrieve the vital information: journey into the Dreamlands and find the prison that Bagshaw has built around himself based on his past traumatic memories. The investigators must ensure that, in the course of retrieving the clue, they do not find themselves trapped in his self-made prison as well!

Mike MasonFriday 8 April – 7.00PM-11.00PM
An Unexpected Mystery (Call of Cthulhu) with Mike Mason

Mike will improvise a Call of Cthulhu scenario from scratch, using just a few cards from the various Keeper Decks and his twisted imagination. Expect the unexpected and participate in building the story in this one of a kind, unique session.

James LowderSaturday 9 April – 9.00AM-1.00PM
The Wilde Reputation (Call of Cthulhu) with James Lowder

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: For a handful of patrons gathered in January 1929 at the dingy speakeasy known as the Wilde Reputation, a magician’s act gone awry leads to a frantic trek through the city's darkest corners and encounters with its strangest inhabitants, from the Crooked Smile Killers to the weird denizens of the Resurrection Cemetery. The scenario can be played as a sequel to “Nightmare City” or as a stand-alone. Based on the Corpse short story cycle by James Lowder. No experience with Call of Cthulhu needed. [Content warning: body horror, violence, cosmic horror.

Saturday 9 April – 9.00AM-1.00PM
Jeff runs RQ! (RuneQuest) with Jeff Richard

Jeff runs RQ! Join Chaosium’s Creative Director as he runs a session of RQG for you!

Saturday 9 April – 2.00PM-6.00PM
The Hunting Party (Hawkmoon) with Jason Durall

Prince Yaroslav of Waldenstein has invited dignitaries from across Europe to his home at Castle Mirenburg. Enjoy the finest Tragic Millenium hospitality with nobles and worthies from across the land, and perhaps a bit of a most dangerous sort of entertainment.

Lynne HardySaturday 9 April – 2.00PM-6.00PM
The Goat Man is Coming (Rivers of London) with Lynn Hardy

The Folly has been called in to investigate strange sightings of some sort of man-beast along Parkland Walk, a “linear nature reserve” running between Finsbury Park and Highgate. But what has its appearance to do with the strange rash of tags declaring “The goat-man is coming,” and is there any link to the urban myths that haunt the ghost station at Crouch End and its mysterious spriggan statue?

Jason DurallSaturday 9 April – 7.00PM-11.00PM
The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea (Lords of the Middle Sea) with Jason Durall

Your crew has done some strange jobs, but this is a new level of crazy: serving as watchout for a bathysphere as it sends a crew into the deeps of the Middle Sea, to pick through a sunken treasure trove: the Texarkana Ordnance Center. It should be easy, but fate had other plans for you.

Ian CooperSaturday 9 April – 7.00PM-11.00PM
The Rod (Questworlds) with Ian Cooper

When the crew of the RV Common God are handed The Tod in a dive bar near Aurora Field, it triggers a series of events that bring them up against their arch-rival Jason Odor, in a race to uncover the mysterious artefact’s secrets. Uses the Rocketpunk setting: Pioneer Space.

Join us in person for the first ever Chaosium convention! Come along for a weekend dripping with cosmic horror, essential runes, swashbuckling adventure, and chivalrous quests!

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