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Bridgett Jeffries steps up to a bigger new role at Chaosium

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 19th Jan 2023

Bridgett Jeffries

We are pleased to announce that Chaosium community ambassador Bridgett Jeffries is stepping up to a new full-time role at the company as coordinator of events and outreach. 

Bridgett's main focus will include convention-related events (particularly those in North America, including the forthcoming Chaosium Con), the Cult of Chaos gamemaster program, and continuing to support our community content programs for independent creators at DriveThruRPG.

Bridgett Jeffries at PAXU

Bridgett at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia PA, last December

On taking on her new role, Bridgett said: 

"Chaosium made me feel welcome. Engaging with the community has been my favourite aspect of being a community ambassador: Empowering creators to publish. Directing them the support that they needed. Chaosium is now empowering me to continue in that same spirit; the community that I'll now serve just grew a bit larger and deeper."

Bridgett at Community Content Meet Up - PAX AUS

Bridgett (center) at the community creators meet-up at PAX AUS (Melbourne, Australia) last October

As part of our Chaosium Interviews series, Bridgett talks to James Coquillat about her professional pathway into the TTRPG industry and shares what she learnt on the way: