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Star Trek and Glorantha both turn 50 years old, and there's a connection...

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 9th Sep 2016

Star Trek is 50 years old today. And Greg Stafford also discovered his mythic fantasy setting Glorantha in 1966 too. But did you know that in the intervening half-century Glorantha has found its way into the Star Trek universe?

Robert Hewitt WolfeRuneQuest fan and one of the producers of Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: The Next Generation, entertainingly slipped in various tweaked Gloranthan references to episodes. The most notable of these is the Klingon who proposes a toast to "Rurik the Damned, conqueror of the Zora Fel, liberator of Vrax" (DS9 S5 Ep1), but there's also Falagian Diamonds, various planets and characters named after Gloranthan gods, and one (admittedly incredibly minor) character that Chaosium's MOB is particularly chuffed about....

A big fan of both Star Trek and Glorantha, Andre Jarosch has helpfully catalogued all of Star Trek - Gloranthan references (nb article is in German).

Happy half-century Star Trek and Glorantha!