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"I Bought - We Won" - RuneQuest Classic Kickstarter a resounding success

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 21st Dec 2015

The RQ Classic Kickstarter is over and we thank the 2176 backers for joining us on an epic journey! We have achieved so much these last 24 days. We hoped for 1000 backers, were amazed when we passed 1500, and stunned to have over 2000. That's almost one backer for every page of Classic RuneQuest we will be reprinting. Yep, over 2000 pages back into print, and even some things that have never been in print. The flurry of pledges at the end got us all the way to TrollPak. There was definitely a community Heroquest performed to break a bit of the troll curse that banished the boxed set decades ago. It was a pleasure to watch its return. Well done, indeed!

Having 2176 backers believing in this project proves that there is a lot of magic left in RuneQuest. We have added another dimension to the Old School Renaissance via Old School RuneQuest. With $206,819 pledged - 689% over our initial funding target - the backers have done their part, and now it is up to us to do the rest. The RQ Classic edition PDF, GM screen PDF, Handouts PDF and the Fangs PDF will all be made available for download shortly, once payments have been processed. The RQ Classic rulebook files have already been sent to the printers.

Happy Holidays!

Rick, Jeff, Neil, MOB and the Chaosium team