Chaosium at Necronomicon - Our Stock List for the Booth

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 14th Aug 2017

Come see Mike Mason and Nick Nacario at the Chaosium booth at NecronomiCon this weekend. Here's what they'll have on offer, while stocks last:

24 x Pulp Cthulhu
24 x Two Headed Serpent
6 x Secrets of Tibet
3 x Horror on the Orient Express
6 x Dead Light
40 x Nameless Horrors
6 x Ripples From Carcosa
30 x Call of Cthulhu-Keeper RuleBook, Hardcover
4 x Call of Cthulhu- Keeper Rulebook- Leather
20 x Call of Cthulhu- Investigator Handbook, Hard Cover
4 x Call of Cthulhu- Investigator Handbook, Leather
20 x Call of Cthulhu- Keeper Screen Kit
2 x Call of Cthulhu Hardcover Slipcase Set
40 x S. Petersen's Field Guide to Lovercraftian Horror Hardcover
30 x Keeper Decks
36 x Grand Grimoire
10 x Cold Harvest
20 x Alone Against the Flames
40 x Doors to Darkness
60 x H.P. Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu for Beginning Readers
100 x Call of Cthulhu The Coloring Book
10 x Undead & Unbound
30 x Call of Cthulhu Dice Set
10 x Edge of Sundown
10 x Mark of The Beast
10 x Legacy of the Reanimator
10 x Cassilda's Song