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A Time to Harvest Part Four - ready for release this Friday!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 11th Jul 2016

The next part of our popular organized play campaign will be sent to Cult of Chaos members this Friday. We caught up with Mike Mason to learn what's in store in the new instalment.

Q: With Part Four, we're past the half-way mark of Chaosium's first organized play campaign. How has it been going?

Mike: The campaign is in full flow, with games being organised and run by the Cult of Chaos around the world. Exciting event reports have been flooding in, with some groups taking unexpected routes, while others have seen investigators meeting their untimely ends. 

Q: Where can Keepers follow what's happening in the campaign?

Mike: The Cult of Chaos forum at BRP Central continues to be the place to share experiences of running the campaign, pose questions, and give feedback. We’ve also seen a constant supply of Keeper aids made available on the forum - useful props and handouts all manufactured and developed by Cult of Chaos Keepers - building into to a great resource for those currently running A Time To Harvest. Thanks to all the Cultists for sharing and really getting into the spirit of the Call of Cthulhu community!

Q: So what can we expect in part four?

Mike: Despite the unexpected drama and danger faced in Episode 3, the investigators have found an ally in Michael Abelard to support them in their struggles against the dark forces of the Cthulhu Mythos. With new found support, Episode 4 of A Time To Harvest sees the investigators return to Cobb’s Corners to once again delve into the shadows to unearth whispers and accounts of the strange forces afflicting the town. 

Q: The investigators learned pretty quickly that things were not what they seem in Cobb's Corners...

Mike: Yes - as the investigators know only too well, the veneer of polite society in Cobb’s Corners hides an underbelly of darkness and mystery. Events are set in motion during Episode 4 that propel the investigators into the very hear of the disease, where only their wits and cool heads are likely to save them from a fate worse than death!

Q: Can people still join in, even at this late stage?

Mike: Absolutely! Just head over the Cult of Chaos sign-up page at and join. We'll send you the first three parts and you get playing when you can - there's no strict timetable.