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7th Sea: Cities of Faith and Wonder - PDF

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Explore cities full of adventure and mystery, thwarting the plots of Villains and uncovering vast conspiracies!

"Cities are physical manifestations of the best of us… and the worst of us"
- Dontello Vaspucci

What's Inside?

Two fully-detailed cities and a fleshed-out city-building system for 7th Sea.

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Capitals In Full Scale

Vaticine City

Two major cities of Theah - Vaticine City and Iskandar - brought to life in wondrous detail for the first time. Vaticine City is home of the Holy Mother Church and the hub of smuggling, crime, and corruption, while for the unrighteous and the adventurous, Iskandar never sleeps.




Cities of Faith and Wonder includes a robust city-building system, allowing you and your players to create your own capital, township, village, or metropolis from the ground up. Whether you’re looking to put your own personal touch on Théah, or create a vast and interconnected hub as a basis for an entire story, the tools you need are found within!


Expand Your 7th Sea Game

Exploration in the Sewers

This tome contains details of four additional cities (Carleon, Port Cendres, Nieuwehoop, and Paix), written and designed by a diverse group of creators using the city-building mechanics in the book!


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Rule Set:
7th Sea - 2nd Edition
Year Released:
Full Color PDF
Page Count:
Elizabeth Chaipraditkul, Michael Curry, Jesse Heining, James Mendez Heining, Andrew Pregrine, Tamara Trainer, Alan Bahr, John Wick
Bad Moon Art Studio, Von Caberte, Tyler Clark, Donald Clark, Bien Flores, Emilien Francois, Basith Ibrahim, Jeff Kristen, Mirco Paganessi, Mauricio Caballero Peza
Artists (Continued):
Riccardo Rullo, Alida Saxon, Vincenso Sirianni, Dimitar Spasov, Jon Taylor, Mateusz Wilma, Waclaw Wysocki
Graphic Design and Layout:
Robert Denton III