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7th Sea Adventure - War and Peace - PDF

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You want a Colonies adventure? Here's a Colonies adventure!

The Council of Six Hearts is a robust organization for keeping the peace in Iaka:Et’serra, but it also means six nations must be in alignment before anything is agreed upon, a process that can take weeks or even months if a conclusion is even reached at all. While most respect the Council’s careful methods of deliberation and debate, others chafe under what seems like their needlessly plodding methods. Especially as two nations, the ascetic Ah-nah-see and the opportunistic Dee-ah-noh-see-nah, collide over territory and control over the lucrative fur trade.

With Vesten raiders and the native peoples of Iaka:Et’serra currently maintaining a fragile peace, an ambitious Dee-ah-noh-see-nah diplomat has arranged for a diplomatic meeting with Ah-nah-see representatives at a remote neutral lodge. Unfortunately, he’s been detained by the Vesten while en route, and without him things could rapidly spiral out of control.

Fort Utterstrom is a powerful Vesten stronghold, so a frontal assault is out of the question, especially if peace is to be maintained. But if some resourceful Heroes were to let themselves be captured, they might be able to break out and rescue the diplomat in time to save the day...

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John Wick Presents
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2nd Edition 7th Sea
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Peter Woodworth