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RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha

RuneQuest is Chaosium Inc.’s fantasy roleplaying game set in Greg Stafford’s Glorantha. In RuneQuest, players create adventurers who explore an ancient world rich in magic. Everyone uses spells and anyone can be a warrior, equipped with bright bronze and stout armor. The gods provide fantastic powers to their mortal worshipers and can intercede on their behalf. Each RuneQuest adventurer is unique, defined by Runes and passions chosen by the player and belonging to a definite culture and cult.

Gaming Recommendations - from Jason Durall

RuneQuest Quickstart front cover

RuneQuest Quickstart

Everything you need to start RuneQuest, all in one place. The Quickstart makes a great one-shot adventure or can be the start of an ongoing RuneQuest campaign.

RuneQuest Gamemaster screen pack front cover

Gamemaster Screen Pack

Don’t let the name fool you - this is an entire pack of gamemaster material, with a 128-page adventure book that includes a sandbox setting in the heart of Dragon Pass, three complete scenarios, plenty of encounters, NPCs, and lots of resources, in addition to the maps and screen!

RuneQuest Quickstart front cover

The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories

Three ready to play scenarios for RuneQuest that work great in conjunction with the materials in the Gamemaster Screen Pack.

PDFs Included: The products detailed here are all physical books. When you purchase them from our site, you will immediately get access to the PDF download as well. You can also just purchase the PDF now and later ask for a coupon that will give you a discount when buying the physical product — the choice is yours!

Character Sheets

You can also go fully-digital with your adventurer's character sheet. Go here to download it.

Play Online with a RuneQuest Backdrop
RuneQuest Background - Prax
Call of Cthulhu Background - Investigations
RuneQuest Background - Ritual
RuneQuest Background - Wasp Riders

Click on the above images to download a backdrop you can use as a virtual background when playing online with others.

Try RuneQuest for Free!
RuneQuest Quickstart front cover

Try the Ennie-Award-winning RuneQuest Quickstart Rules & Adventure for free! This 48-page booklet provides all the info you need to begin play, from basic rules, five pregenerated adventurers, and a full adventure, letting you step right into the world of Glorantha!

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