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Ossi Hiekkala

ossihiekkala-1-.jpgOssi Hiekkala is Staff Artist at Chaosium. 

RPGs are an essential element of why Ossi turned to illustration. In his early teens RuneQuest was Ossi’s first roleplaying game; Call of Cthulhu was the second. And Stormbringer may have been the third or fourth.

Ossi studied graphic design in Rovaniemi, Lapland, followed by three years studying illustration in Japan. After almost 20 years illustrating in the commercial world for advertising and packaging, and having made a small name for himself in boardgames, he finds himself working for roleplaying games, and for Chaosium Inc. of all companies. Sometimes the stars are right!

Ossi lives in Järvenpää, Finland with his wife and two young children. He enjoys collecting art books, watching westerns and old samurai films, history, reading, cycling, and of course roleplaying games.