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GM Resources

We'll be adding more as we go, but here are some resources to help you run your games.

Sign-up Sheets

Here are some sign-up sheets you can use to promote your game and get sign-ups at game stores and other locations.

Character Sheets

Pre-Generated Characters

Want to run a game but don't have time to create characters? Try one of the pre-generated characters for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition we have available thanks to Ben Wilson.

Download the zip file here.

Pre Gen characters for the A Time to Harvest Organized Play campaign here.


Here are some assorted handouts that you can use with any game.

world-wide-telegraph-service-telegrams.gifWorld-Wide Telegraph Service Telegrams

World-Wide Telegraph Service telegram blanks -- perfect for that new Underwood typewriter!

Download the PDF here.


6th Edition Call of Cthulhu

Looking for the 6th Edition resources? Go here.

Thank you for running Chaosium game demonstrations and public events for your local gaming community!