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Looking to Play Online?

Take a look at our Getting Started with Online Gaming!

Getting Started - An Introduction to our Games and Fiction

If you are new to the Chaosium games, and even new to role-playing completely, this is a great place to start. We've all grown up playing these games, reading the stories and want to share them with you.

If you want to play Call of Cthulhu, check out our Call of Cthulhu Quickstart to purchase or download for free. And if you can't get your group together fast enough, check out Alone Against the Flames, also with a free download. When your group shows up you can run some free scenarios, but at that point you will certainly need the Keeper Rulebook at a minimum to really enjoy the game.

We also have the RuneQuest Glorantha Quickstart for you to try, with a free download. Or dig in deep with RuneQuest Glorantha.

Organized Play - Join the Tribe

The Cult of Chaos is Chaosium's officially sanctioned Gamemaster program for Game Masters and Keepers running demos and events. More importantly it is is a way to support gamers playing the games we all love. Keepers, investigators, adventurers, and games masters all can benefit from the community, and even find a gaming group if you are looking for one.

Click here to learn more about our Organized Play program. We would love to see you at a convention or game store!

HP Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos

Howard Phillips Lovecraft (August 20, 1890 – March 15, 1937) was an American author who achieved posthumous fame through his influential works of horror fiction. He was virtually unknown and published only in pulp magazines before he died in poverty, but he is now regarded as one of the most significant 20th-century authors in his genre.

Lovecraft's extraordinary imagination created what became known as The Cthulhu Mythos, a universe he shared and co-created with a circle of fellow writers. Chaosium has been publishing the Call of Cthulhu RPG based upon HPL's shared vision since 1981.

You can read articles on HP Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos on Wikipedia.

Greg Stafford and Glorantha

In 1966, the legendary game designer Greg Stafford first discovered Glorantha, a mythic world where he would begin his 50+ year journey through fiction like King of Sartar, board games like White Bear, Red Moon, and of course role-playing games like RuneQuest and HeroQuest.

Glorantha is a fantasy world like no other. It challenges the stereotypes of fantasy races and cultures and enables players to experience stories with mythic depth with heroes tied in to their community. 

You can read articles about Greg Stafford and Glorantha on Wikipedia.