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Cult of Chaos Code of Conduct

Cult of Chaos Code of Conduct

All Cult of Chaos members must adhere to our code of conduct to remain in the program. We here at Chaosium try to get along with everyone. We expect you to do the same while representing us among your community. Remember, our hobby is all about having fun and being inclusive. Disrespect and intolerance have no place here.

In all their Chaosium-related activities a Cult of Chaos GM will:
  • behave in a professional and courteous manner when dealing with fellow gamers, game shop staff, convention staff, and others.
  • maintain a presentable appearance. Your appearance should never frighten or offend the participants!
  • be punctual to all events.
  • never harass, discriminate against, or insult anybody.   
  • work with other Cult of Chaos members to grow the Chaosium community.
  • adhere to any rules or codes of conduct for the venue in which they operate.
Primarily, the reward for being a member of the Cult of Chaos is community involvement. Your actions are building a larger player base with which to enjoy and celebrate Chaosium games. Additionally, you will have access to scenarios and adventures and insider information with which to entertain your players. Running events, and properly reporting them afterwards, will be rewarded with $10.00 in store credit at provided we can verify the event took place. Please note, we only give credit for events using the Chaosium (English language) editions of our games, predominantly played in English. If you are using a foreign language edition of our rules we cannot offer Cult of Chaos credit.
Anti-harassment Policy for the Cult of Chaos
Harassment of the GM, players, spectators, or anyone else, is not tolerated at a Cult of Chaos organized play event.
You don’t have to keep playing with somebody who’s harassing, belittling, insulting, or offending others. If someone at a Cult of Chaos organized play event is violating this policy, the GM can take any action that they decide is necessary to stop the harassment – ranging from a simple warning to removal from the game. If it’s necessary to resolve the situation, the GM can escalate it to the store owner, event organizers, or onsite security.
  • Advice for players: If you are harassed at a Cult of Chaos event, find an organized play GM immediately and report it. 
  • Advice for GMs: If you ARE the GM, report it to the store owner, convention organizer, or whoever’s in charge of the space where you’re running the event.
If you disagree with how a GM or event organizer implemented or enforced this policy at an event, please email our director of organized play, Bridgett Jeffries Please be specific about who, what, where, and when. We’ll take appropriate actions, up to and including removing the infringing party from the Cult of Chaos organized play program. 

Final Note

Chaosium Cult of Chaos members are volunteer promoters of Chaosium games and are not employees of Chaosium. Chaosium reserves the right to refuse membership or suspend/terminate the membership of any applicant or member at any time. A member may terminate their membership with the Cult of Chaos at any time by notifying us at

If the information provided by a member on an application or in an event report is found to be false or misrepresented, Chaosium will immediately terminate the Gamemaster’s membership. Chaosium assumes no responsibility or liability for the health or safety of anyone during events. Chaosium reserves the right to cancel or change the requirements for Cult of Chaos membership at any time.