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Vale Terry Pavlet

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 22nd Jun 2022

On the sad passing of TTRPG artist Terry Pavlet this week, creative lead for the Lords of the Middle Sea project Jason Durall writes:

"We at Chaosium are saddened to learn of the recent and sudden departure of longtime industry veteran Terry "Pav" Pavlet. He had a distinguished and widespread career that covered tabletop games, comics, animation, film, commercial illustration and design, as well as the music and entertainment media. 

Most recently, Terry was working with us on a long series of illustrations for Lords of the Middle Sea, depicting a wide range of named and generic non-player characters across the setting. Here is a selection of Terry's work on the game and a link to the crowdfunding campaign to benefit his widow and children. Please consider donating."

Although we will sadly now never see what Terry Pavlet had envisaged for his final set of Lords of the Middle Sea illustrations, Chaosium has donated the full amount of this commission to his family's GoFundMe appeal (donated in the name of 'Richard Meints', Chaosium president).