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Unnatural Selections #83: Arkham –'This is the gold standard for what an RPG supplement should be'

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 23rd Mar 2024

Call of Cthulhu: Arkham - image credit TechRaptor

The 'Unnatural Selections' series is our regular round up of notable Chaosium reviews worth a look. 

It's no exaggeration to say readers and reviewers alike love our new Call of Cthulhu: Arkham book, with TechRaptor's comprehensive review concluding, "This is the gold standard for what an RPG supplement should be." 

Here's what other readers and reviewers have had to say about our definitive guide to the signature setting of Call of Cthulhu:

  • "Call of Cthulhu: Arkham is a triumph, achieving a near-perfect balance between providing fine detail and allowing for Keeper improvisation. It is, all at the same time, a serious game reference, a sandbox, and a source of scenario seeds too numerous to mention." — Stygian Muse.
  • "Really cool... everything you want from a setting book for Call of Cthulhu." — Gamer's Haunt (video review).
  • "This is probably one of my favourite setting books I have read for any TTRPG... it is a gold mine for creating your own scenarios – 5 stars." — Simon E. (customer review).
  • "Arkham is superb... I've read about halfway through, and my mind is just abuzz with possibilities." — RPG Imaginings (video review).
  • "Call of Cthulhu: Arkham is completely fleshed out for Keepers and Players alike, but leaves enough room to add our own hooks and mysteries... I absolutely love Chaosium products, and this is one of the best – 5 stars." — Peter McS (customer review).
  • "Pretty much every location here has a potential use in a campaign – whether as a target of investigation, a source of employment, a useful resource, or in some other manner... [Call of Cthulhu: Arkham] really takes Keith Herber’s vision forward by making it easier than ever to make use of this material in practice." — Refereeing and Reflection.
  • "I am really enjoying exploring Arkham with this, especially alongside watching Graveyards of Arkham, and following the locations." — Andy McLellan (customer review).
  • "The Arkham setting guide for Call of Cthulhu by Chaosium does everything right and completely kills me. Make a sanity roll!..." — Penandpaper.News.
  • "Detailed, atmospheric and filled to the brim with possible stories. My Players love the isometric views of the various quarters – 5 stars." — Markus (customer review).
  • "Call of Cthulhu returns home... I have the original book and I really enjoyed this upgrade." — Rob Wieland, Forbes.
  • "Call of Cthulhu: Arkham is, simply put, a triumph... It perfectly captures that 1920s Americana small-town feel, while also letting all the wonderful Lovecraftian weirdness seep into every fissure and crack. This is a perfectly thought out, well-developed product that has clearly had so much love go into it. A triumph, there's no other way to put it. If you run games of Call of Cthulhu, you need this book." — TechRaptor. nb topic image credit: TechRaptor

Call of Cthulhu: Arkham is available now in full color hardback from in hardback and special leatherette edition, price includes PDF. Also available at DriveThruRPG and at Roll20.