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Unnatural Selections #80: what readers and reviewers are saying about the Pendragon Starter Set

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 22nd Jan 2024

Pendragon Starter Set cover detail

The 'Unnatural Selections' series is our regular round up of notable Chaosium reviews worth a look. 

With the news that the forthcoming core rules for our new edition of Pendragon was voted one of ENWorld readers' Most Anticipated RPGS of 2024, here's what reviewers and readers have been saying about the Pendragon Starter Set. It's out now: start your knight's Journey with the Pendragon Starter Set today!

  • "An electric experience on the table.... Even as a starter set, Chaosium’s latest incarnation of Greg Stafford’s love affair with Arthurian legend delivers on player’s expectations." — Dicebreaker.
  • "5 Stars - This is how all Starter Sets should be done!"Roberto M. (customer review).
  • "Definitely recommended." — Really Dicey (video review).
  • "5 Stars - Wow. An utter and complete triumph! Like the other Starter Sets that they have produced, it is a subset of the upcoming complete rules set. A subset that has been specifically designed to introduce new people to the hobby of tabletop roleplaying in Arthurian England. The teaching, as always, is innovative, and the graphic design is marvelous. An amazing product that comes at a bargain price! Highly recommended!"Scott S. (customer review).
  • “Really cool. You have an adventure to play yourself, adventures to share with your friends, and plenty of tools and mechanics to start your own original adventures...” — The Gaming Table (video review).
  • "5 Stars - This will surprise no one, but once again Chaosium have treated us with a gorgeous, affordable and utterly satisfying starter set. The SoloQuest is beautifully written. The layout of the books and pregens is a feast for the eyes without losing readability even for those of us with dimming eyesight. Truly the layout, graphic design and typography is at least on par with Runequest, which I hold with the highest esteem. Bravo, I say! Thank you for bringing this gem into our paws." — Manu (customer review).
  • "5 Stars - Abundant material, beautifully illustrated and produced."Gregory M. (customer review).
  • “A lovely thing to have and I’m excited to see all that 6th Edition has to offer… if this as accurate a taste of the writing and production values of 6th Edition as the Cthulhu and RuneQuest sets are of their respective games, the new edition is going to be an absolute treat when it emerges.” — Refereeing & Reflection.

Pendragon Starter SetPendragon Starter Set



  • All maps, art, multi-sided tokens, and character sheets fully integrated and ready for the virtual tabletop - $14.99

Cover art by Mark Smylie