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'The Shadow on the Glass' - Cthulhu by Gaslight fiction cover reveal

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 24th Jan 2024

It's another brilliant cover reveal from our friends Aconyte Books! The Shadow on the Glass is the first Cthulhu by Gaslight novel in a series of brand new fiction Aconyte is creating and publishing in collaboration with Chaosium.

Following the cover reveal of Cath Lauria's Secrets and Sacrifices, the first Regency Cthulhu novel, to be released on April 2nd 2024, comes Jonathan L. Hoawrd's The Shadow on the Glass, to be released on June 2nd 2024.

London, 1891. Elizabeth Whittle and William Grant enjoy scalping London’s bourgeoise, taking on the persona of grand spiritist Cerulia Trent and her agent to connect the living and the dead. When a detective arrives, sniffing out fraud with a scientifically minded spiritualist society, the duo decides to take one last job before escaping to the continent. However, their final séance ends horrifically… and soon Lizzie isn’t Lizzie anymore. William, desperate to banish whatever monster they summoned, is soon embroiled in an electrifying eldritch mystery where he makes a deal with the devil to save his friend and stop an even greater evil from transforming the known world.

For more details and to preorder see the Aconyte Books announcement.