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Summon Elder and receive answers from deep within the tomes of Call of Cthulhu…

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 15th Apr 2023

As announced at Chaosium Con...

Quest Portal Elder

Unravel the mysteries of the cosmos with the all-knowing Call of Cthulhu chatbot, Elder by Quest Portal. Dive into deep conversations, receive expert guidance, and enhance your gameplay with this intelligent and immersive companion.

Elder is trained on all the content from Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition’s Investigator Handbook, Keeper Rulebook, Malleus Monstrorum Vol 1 & 2, and Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic. Our friends at Quest Portal will continue to add the entire Call of Cthulhu collection of rules, lore, and scenarios.

Watch the video or start a 7 Day Free Trial and check it out yourself!

Quest Portal's Chaosium Core subscription will soon include other popular games from Chaosium, such as Pendragon, RuneQuest, and 7th Sea!


Will Elder replace the need for human Keepers?

No, Elder is a helpful chatbot assistant designed to assist human Keepers with questions about rules, lore, and simple creations. Elder is not intended to replace or diminish human interaction and creativity in tabletop role-playing games.

The goal of Elder is to support and enrich the game experience. By spending less time searching for rules and lore, Elder helps players focus more on the memories and experiences they create at the table.

How does Elder ensure the accuracy of the information it provides?

Elder has been trained on official Call of Cthulhu content, ensuring accuracy and adherence to the established rules and lore. Chaosium and Quest Portal work closely to ensure the AI remains up-to-date and accurate as new content is released. We're committed to continuously refining and improving Elder based on user feedback.

How does Elder ensure the ethical use of AI?

Elder is designed with responsible AI practices in mind and prioritizing the rights of creators. The AI only provides information from official Chaosium sources. Elder's primary purpose is to make Call of Cthulhu more accessible and enjoyable for players while respecting the integrity of the game and its community.

How are copyright and intellectual property rights protected with Elder?

Elder is specifically trained on official Chaosium content and does not incorporate information from other unauthorized, copyrighted, or IP-protected materials. We are doing this because we believe that content should be fairly compensated, authorized, and attributed. This collaboration aims to protect and respect the intellectual property rights of Chaosium and its creators while offering a convenient and innovative way for players to engage with Call of Cthulhu.

Does Elder use AI-generated art?

No, Elder does not use AI-generated art. Chaosium has a policy that art must be the product of a human artist who can vouch that they created the piece and that it does not contain unlicensed derivative use of someone else’s work.