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Significant Streams #5: The Good Friends of Jackson Elias

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 7th Jun 2023

Good Friends of Jackson Elias podcast

Significant Streams is a new feature on the Chaosium news blog where we highlight actual play streams, podcasts, and YouTube channels featuring Chaosium games that we think are worth checking out.

Good Friends of Jackson Elias co-host Paul Fricker posted that ten years ago their award-winning podcast started in his old pottery shed.

And, a decade later it's still in the absolute top tier of Call of Cthulhu podcasts out there – congratulations on this milestone to Paul and co-hosts Matt Sanderson and Scott Dorward!

Listen to their latest episode (it's fittingly about time travel!), and their back catalogue of over 200 episodes stretching back to 2013 here:

Good Friends Twitter post Paul Fricker