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Sacred Time Greetings and Happy New Year 2023 from all the team at Chaosium!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 25th Dec 2022

Sacred Time Greetings for 2022 from The Chaosium.

To all members of the tribe, our heartfelt thanks for your support during this very challenging year. As RuneQuest's immortal and radiant Red Emperor would say, "Thank you very much".

We wish everyone all the best in 2023, until the Stars are Right again!

– from all of the Chaosium team:
Dustin, Nick, Mike M, Rick, Jeff, Neil, MOB, Jason, Susan, Ian, James, Lynne, Jamie, David S, Andrew, David L, John, Julia, David N, Michal, Monika, Brian, Nick, Allan, Jaye, Simeon, Matt, Loïc, Bridgett, Daria, Adam, Mike C, Lee, Ariel, Keris, Mark and Kuba.

'Viva Las Glamour' poster created by Nick Nacario;
Art by Dario Corallo, taken from The Rough Guide to Glamour.