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Play Chaosium Games at Virtual GameHoleCon, 5 - 8 November

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 3rd Nov 2020

Virtual GameHoleCon

GameHoleCon is going virtual this year, and there's an opportunity to play plenty of Chaosium games online from November 5- 8!

Thanks to our wonderful Cult of Chaos Keepers an GMs we are running some 63 sessions across the convention. Seats are still open for sessions of Call of Cthulhu, 7th Sea, RuneQuest, QuestWorld Glorantha, Wurm, and 13th Age Glorantha

We're also running two hour demos of Call of Cthulhu for people to get a first-time play experience as well. 

GameholeCon is $5 for the whole weekend, and then each event is free for convention attendees. It is based in Central Time Zone (GMT -6) and the Cult of Chaos is running events from 9am local time until midnight. So the morning or night sessions do overlap Europe and Australia.

Sign up for Chaosium games here!