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Pendragon 6E releases in April: ‘The hobby is only just catching up to what Greg did 40 years ago’ (Dicebreaker).

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 31st Jan 2024

As exclusively revealed yesterday by DicebreakerKing Arthur Pendragon, the epic fantasy RPG of questing knights considered by late RuneQuest creator Greg Stafford as his “masterpiece”, returns with its first full new edition in nearly two decades this April.

The Player's Handbook releases in April, along with The Grey Knight, an updated edition of the classic adventure by Masks of Nyarlathotep creator Larry DiTillio. 

These April releases will be followed by the Gamemaster's Handbook and the Noble's Handbook later in the year. Other Pendragon titles are in development, including a new, updated edition of the Great Pendragon Campaign, Greg Stafford's acclaimed multi-generational campaign covering eight decades of game time.

Considered one of the greatest tabletop roleplaying game designers of all time, Chaosium founder Greg Stafford considered Pendragon his "masterpiece". He had been working on his "Ultimate" version of the game for more than ten years up to his passing in 2018.

“As I see it, Pendragon was so far ahead of its time the hobby is just now catching up to Greg’s innovations from nearly 40 years ago, so there really wasn’t much need to change things mechanically in any significant way,” Pendragon line editor David Larkins said to Dicebreaker.

For more details about the history of the Pendragon TTRPG, the new edition, and an in-depth interview with David Larkins, see the articles at Dicebreaker:

Pendragon Player's Handbook cover by Mark Smylie
The Grey Knight cover by Loïc Muzy