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Miskatonic Monday #89: Elder Gods Beware - here come the Suffragettes!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 15th Jan 2024

A Midsummer Night's Darkness - Jane Routley (Miskatonic Repository)

Award-winning Australian novelist Jane Routley is back with her second Miskatonic Repository creation: A Midsummer Night's Darkness, a one-shot set in 1909 with Suffragettes as investigators! And another Australian author of note Rjurik Davidson, "a master of antipodean weird", makes his Miskatonic Repository debut with Stars Over Siberia, a scenario set in St Petersburg, 1929. Just two of a host of brilliant new Call of Cthulhu titles in the Miskatonic Repository - it's going to be a great year for community content!

A Midsummer Night's Darkness
Jane Routley ($3.31, 27 page PDF)

The Recipe: Take a doughty group of suffragettes travelling through rural Shropshire in a caravan. Add two beginner sorcerers in search of arcane power. Stir in a vengeful poacher. Bake it all together on a warm midsummer evening for a night of terror.

1909 one shot scenario which includes 6 pre-generated characters.

Miskatonic Repository titles

Tell Me, O Muse
Simon Alexander ($3.99, 17 page PDF)

In the shadow of the Great War, an ancient mystery rises from the ash. "Tell Me, O Muse" invites experienced Investigators to challenge a conspiracy of truly epic proportions, where history and mythology collide in the unfathomable depths of Lovecraftian horror.

A Keeper's Comfort
Fleming Barto ($5.00, 59 page PDF)

Fifteen years is a very long time, a lot can happen, especially alone…Harry Kincaid and Thomas Wolmont may be America's best lighthouse keepers, manning the most remote light in the US for the last 15 years, only one problem, no one knows where they are. Take the role of United States Lighthouse Service Inspectors, arriving at Keel Island and attempting to piece together the lives of these men.

1920s-era, inspired by Robert Eggers’ “The Lighthouse”.

Halcyon Days
Michał Pietrzak ($1.00, 12 page PDF)

The mysterious disease has caused the deaths of three unrelated people in Kingport. A friendly doctors asks the Investigators for help in identifying the cause of the disease. What they find may affect them in ways they would not expect...

Short adventure set in Kingsport of 1925.

Miskatonic Repository titles

Alpaca in the Coffee
John Hedge ($3.50, 38 page PDF)

How would you react when the last person who'd ever use violence, turns violent? Something is very wrong with the coffee. Can the investigators unravel the mystery and confront a burgeoning sentience before it causes the city to tear itself apart?

Alpaca in the coffee is a modern scenario set in Leith, part of Edinburgh in Scotland. It is an investigative mystery involving wyrd science, AI, and difficult choices. It is the third installment in the Alpaca Series.

The Era of the Body Snatchers
Mark Corrigan ($3.50, 43 page PDF)

On a cold and wet November night in 1830s Ireland, strange things are afoot in a small graveyard in Faithlegg, Co. Waterford. These are troubling times where not even the dead can rest easily…

In this Cthulhu by Gaslight scenario, uncover the dark secrets of The Hellfire Club, a clandestine organization shrouded in mystery and steeped in occult rituals. Led by the enigmatic and self-proclaimed 'King of Hell,' the club's disturbing practices involve gruesome sacrifices, reanimation of corpses, and a sinister pact with an eldritch horror.

The Inner Light
Jason Shayer ($4.99, 33 page PDF)

A murder investigation leads investigators to an influential wellness institute that is a front for the Cult of Cthugha. The cult hopes to free the Great Old One, Cthugha, from its bonds and bring about a new world order. The cult leader, August Chase, has lived for centuries, waiting for the right time to perform the ritual that will free his master. Chase will use the influence of his cult to prevent the investigators from stopping him. However, he’s unaware that his most trusted devotee, Dr. Trinity Emerson, has a plot of her own to seize the power for herself.

One shot scenario set in the Classic Era of the 1920s, tthe second Miskatonic Mystery Club adventure (the first adventure is The Shambler Between Worlds).

Miskatonic Repository titles

The Horror of Morinrood
Rob Leigh ($9.99, 43 page PDF)

The investigators are sent to a remote island in the Irish Sea to investigate a murder at a small research facility. But they are not alone: corporate agents, environmental protestors, and even the mi-go have taken an interest in the island. Trapped by a violent storm, the investigators must unravel the mysterious happenings on Morinrood while also staying alive. 

Modern day survival horror scenario inspired by computer games such as Prey (2017) and Resident Evil. Investigators must unravel a mystery, brave a punishing storm, and collect access cards to unlock new areas, all while dealing with the hostile creatures that now call the island home.

The Neighbor
Quico Vicens-Picatto ($3.00, 15 page PDF)

The Johanson family, an extremely impoverished immigrant household, has recently moved to Liverpool. Their new neighbor in this place won't be an ordinary person by any means, and they'll have to fight to escape a terror that will not only come from the outside but also take root within, destroying them from the inside out.

In this scenario, cosmic horror blends with psychological horror. The characters will soon be plagued by uncertainties about what is happening both outside and within the family. This will leave them feeling completely uneasy and cause them to experience intense anxiety, making it difficult for them to make wise judgments.

Haunting of the Silverton
Peter Wilbur ($10.00, 43 page PDF)

A plea for help! A ghost is haunting a train. Can the investigators get the ghost out of the train or will they join the ghost on the train? An investigation involving research and investigative skills with deadly combat that hopefully can be avoided.

Miskatonic Repository titles

The Haunting Handouts Revised
J.J. Lahtinen (Pay-What-You-Want, suggested price $0.50, 1 page)

Enhanced handouts for The Haunting scenario, available in the Call of Cthulhu Quickstart and 40th Anniversary Keeper Rulebook.

Sanity Flowchart
J.J. Lahtinen (Pay-What-You-Want, suggested price $0.50, 1 page)

Sanity Flowchart, available in A4 and A5, textured and untextured formats.

Cthulhu Maps - Beyond the Mountains of Madness - Maps Pack
Lovemaps ($59.90, 80 maps, 200 tokens)

A truly huge (1.9gb) pack of resources for the Beyond the Mountains of Madness campaign.

Stars Over Siberia
Rjurik Davidson ($9.95, 62 page PDF)

The year: 1929. The place: St Petersburg, USSR. The scientific community is abuzz by the recent meteorite that blazed across the sky and came down on 2 June near Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. That brilliant ball of stone appeared like so much in the communist country, full of future potential, but fiery, blinding, dangerous. Meanwhile, deep shadows are gathering in Moscow and St Petersburg, for the frightening figure of General Secretary Joseph Stalin is taking control. Like a spider at the centre of a web, he monitors everything in Russian society, ready to scurry out and devour.

The investigators are summoned to the office of Pietr Kutzenov, head of the New Research division of the Academy of Sciences in St Petersburg. Kutzenov instructs them to make a secret mission to retrieve the remains of the meteorite. But the journey is filled with secrets and revelations, and no one will return unchanged!

Rjurik Davidson - Stars Over Siberia - Miskatonic Repository (Call of Cthulhu)

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