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Miskatonic Monday #76: new 1920s classic era scenarios from community creators!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 5th Jun 2023

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The 1920s is the classic era for Call of Cthulhu. And if your game is set in that period, independent creators in the Miskatonic Repository have you set! Here's all the newest 1920s scenarios for your consideration and delectation:

Miskatonic Repository

Swamp Song: A 1920s Scenario for Call of Cthulhu
Keeper Doc ($2.99, 44 page PDF)

An invitation from a dear friend brings investigators to New Orleans for an unusual creative symposium organized by an enterprising, young book merchant. Expecting a relaxing weekend of Sazerac and Creole cuisine in The Big Easy, a surprising turn of events forces them to hastily navigate the French Quarter and its colorful denizens in a race against time and the elements!

Classic Era scenario set in Jazz Age New Orleans.

Of Fathers
Aleksi Martikainen, Sean Liddle, Jef Wilkins, Jukka Särkijärvi, Petri Leinonen ($2.00, 25 page PDF)

An evening dinner with father, strange dreams and visions, entwines with one shocking event. Are you the one to investigate what happened? Are you the one to decide the fate of many?

A 1920s scenario for one player and for the keeper.

High Water
Bob Geis ($7.95, 55 page PDF)

“Flooded New Lincoln, Arkansas in Imminent Peril.” Terrible flooding threatens a community and has opened the way for an ancient threat involving cosmic horrors from out of time. Will you be able to escape the rising waters and dogged pursuit while seeking shelter from the unrelenting elements?

This exciting adventure is a favorite among the many convention scenarios ran by You Too Can Cthulhu. 

The Aldebaran Sect
Matthew Tansek ($7.99, 54 page PDF)

A discovery leads to extradimensional horror in 1920s Detroit. With tensions rising and danger lurking around every corner, The Aldebaran Sect is a thrilling tale of investigation and survival.

Miskatonic Monday

Al-Azif Unearthed: The Unraveling
John Crowdis ($9.95, 78 page PDF, plus VTT maps and tokens)

In the summer of 1925, a classified ad appears in the Boston Globe promising an ancient near-eastern jar containing a mysterious scroll. Working on behalf of the Miskatonic Exhibit Museum to verify the artifact’s legitimacy, the investigators travel to a venerable hotel in the old city’s downtown to meet with the seller and other interested parties, where they get caught up in events that threaten to unravel reality itself!

The Unraveling is the first scenario in Al-Azif Unearthed, a serialized campaign uncovering the ancient origins of the dreaded Necronomicon.

A Network of Tunnels
Sean F. Smith ($4.97, 14 page PDF)

An old lawyer friend has been working overseas for years, but he’s now here in London and he wants to discuss something esoteric. Overnight, he vanishes from his locked hotel room.

Classic era metropolitan locked-room mystery ─ six to eight hours for a handful of investigators.

Miskatonic Repository

The People of the Monolith
Stephen Bull ($5.00, 63 page PDF)

Young poet Justin Geoffrey has returned from Europe, his trembling hands clutching a collection of poems of such vivid imagery that many question whether they could truly be written by the same man who produced Geoffrey's earlier works! Publishers move quickly to bring these new works to print while their notoriety is at its peak, but they need more to enhance their product. They need provenance. They need a story.

Based on the short story The Black Stone by Robert E. Howard, this 1920s scenario takes a team of investigators on a journey to Hungary, tasked with following the trail of Justin Geoffrey in order to find proof of his journey. Of great interest to the publishers is the item at the heart of Geoffrey's greatest work - a black monolith somewhere in the wilds of central Hungary.

The Holyrood Hunt
Keith DEdinburgh ($3.95, 125 page PDF)

Let the Hunt begin: called to help decipher obscure clues hidden in the works of a 19th century artist and poet, the investigators find themselves drawn into a mysterious and ominous conspiracy that sees them follow a trail of leads around the city of Edinburgh in 1923.

From abandoned asylums to glittering parties, investigators must use all their wits and skills to piece together the fragments of a puzzle that eventually leads them to a time and place they could never have imagined.There, the terrible truth of what it is they have been following is finally revealed to them - and the hunters very much become the hunted!

Constant Companion
Krzysztof Kubicki, Aleksandra Smoczyk, Bartosz Startek ($11.99, 50 page PDF)

Welcome to the Alaskan Triangle!

An abandoned fishing boat stranded in the cold alaskan coast. A crime that seems to be a random act of violence. A mystery that roots deep into the local folklore. When you are one of the first to accidentally arrive at the crime scene, you quickly become convinced that it is part of something much more sinister. There are things unspeakable for the locals. There are places avoided for some reasons. There are stories that should never be told. There is Constant Companion.

Miskatonic Repository

The Flood
Cesar Silva ($4.99, 19 page PDF)

There’s a lake deep in the Conway woods. Locals don’t know it. It wasn’t there until last night.

Standalone scenario that takes place in the fictional hamlet of Conway, Massachusetts, in the year 1926.

Midwest Mythos: Grandma's Cookies
A.M. Viers ($3.99, 21 page PDF)

A concerned grandchild comes to the investigators with a plea: find my real grandmother. However, all evidence points to their grandmother happily working at a candy shop. The grandchild refuses to believe this person is their grandmother, insisting that their real grandmother has been “replaced” by some kind of demon or monster in disguise.

Designed as a part of a collection of scenarios that occur throughout the American Midwest.

Midwest Mythos: Under the Dunes
A.M. Viers ($3.99, 28 page PDF)

In the small town of Pentwater on the West coast of Michigan, a young family has gone missing. 

Designed as a part of a collection of scenarios that occur throughout the American Midwest.

Miskatonic Repository

The Legacy of Lombard House
Lee Wade ($9.99, 104 page PDF)

November 1925, A letter informing you of an old acquaintances death and your invite as a beneficiary to his Yorkshire estate, are only the opening chapter of a long and immersive story.

From a 1st Class train journey, to being alone on the Yorkshire moors, this scenario offers many rabbit holes, to explore, or fall down. Murder, intrigue, smuggling, occultism and more awaits all who dare attend the reading of Edward Lombard’s Will.

Wendigo Hunt
Peter Wilbur ($5.00, 33 page PDF)

Investigators go on a hunting trip and instead of being the hunters, become the hunted.

Welcome to Little Creek
David Wartmann ($12.30, 122 page PDF)

Hampshire County, June 7, 1920:step into the shadows of Little Creek, a remote town hidden deep in the heart of Massachusetts, where mystery and darkness lurk. For 228 years, the federal census bureau has recorded a population count of 321 inhabitants. But with four previous teams of bureau agents vanishing under eerie circumstances, questions arise. Is it pure coincidence, or is there something more sinister at play in Little Creek?

Join the latest team of federal agents as they embark on a census evaluation that may reveal more than they bargained for. Will you uncover the dark truths of Little Creek or become lost in its haunting mystery?

Plus new releases in Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, and Turkish!


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