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Miskatonic Monday #73: 'In Strange Seas' and other Regency Cthulhu releases

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 15th May 2023

Regency Cthulhu Art

After making its debut late last year, our historical Call of Cthulhu sourcebook Regency Cthulhu has certainly been a popular success in society. And independent Call of Cthulhu creators have embraced the setting too! Add these these Miskatonic Repository Regency Cthulhu adventures to your dance card after you've played the two included in the book!

The Well of All fear - Miskatonic Repository

The Well of All Fear
Kat Clay ($9.95, 82 page PDF)

When Mr Millwood, cad-about-town and local ne’er-do-well, goes missing in April 1813, his young sister has the most to lose. Miss Millwood’s fear for her brother is only exacerbated by her own terror; if he were found dead, the family estate would be inherited by a distant relative, leaving the unmarried Miss Millwood destitute. But the young rake has made many enemies in town. From bathhouses to gambling halls, balls to ancient ruins, investigators must track down the missing brother and determine who wishes him gone. In tracking down the young man, investigators must make a costly sacrifice to save the town.

The Well of All Fear is a Regency Cthulhu scenario set in the spa town of Buxton, England. The game has been designed for three to five players to play over six to ten hours.

Miskatonic Repository Titles

Host and Hostility: Three Regency Call of Cthulhu Scenarios
SR Sellens ($7.99, 105 page PDF, also available in softcover and hardcover POD)

Host and Hostility is a collection of three one-to-one scenarios for Call of Cthulhu, making use of the Regency Cthulhu sourcebook. The scenarios range from weird science to high-mythos. Each scenario is written to be run in a single 2-4 hour session.

Debutantes & Dagon
Evan Perlman ($1.00, 27 page PDF)

Zero-prep fun for Regency Cthulhu! – prompts & inspiration to help you improvise a short scenario about badass Regency ladies! With this book, you and your group can quickly and easily create a group of investigators for the Regency Cthulhu setting, then immediately get them into all kinds of scandalous scenarios.

In Strange Seas

In Strange Seas: Horror in the Royal Navy for Regency Cthulhu
Evan Perlman ($5.00, 31 page PDF)

The Royal Navy meets the Mythos! In the Regency Era, the Royal Navy is all that stands between England and the imperial designs of Napoleon. Now, the sailors must also stand against the horrors of threats beyond all understanding!

Setting guide for the world of the Royal Navy in Regency Cthulhu.Can your investigators survive in the dangerous wooden world of a King’s ship? And if they do, will their reputations survive intact?

Miskatonic Repository Titles

Forbidden Seas and Perilous Coasts
Alexander Smith ($1.50, 23 page PDF)

The crew of the HMS Reliable take a few days of rest to explore the Pura Vida islands, an archipelago known for their unique flora and fauna but encounter something far more otherworldly than they could have ever predicted. Including that someone has been to this island before.

Designed to last for a short evening or as an interesting interlude for a In Strange Seas Regency Cthulhu campaign, with six pregens.

A Drop of Nelson's Blood
SR Sellens ($5.00, 50 page PDF)

October 1815: it is 10 years since Lord Nelson fell at the Battle of Trafalgar, and a celebratory dinner is being hosted by Vice-Admiral Sir James Bell to commemorate this anniversary. The investigators, along with a small group of dignitaries, are invited to the administrative heart of the Royal Navy for what promises to be a memorable evening. Those gathered all harbour dark secrets, and something is out for their blood.

Regency who-dunnit with a mythos twist, taking inspiration from the 19th Century sea shanty of the same name. With great roleplaying potential and lots of intrigue, this is a good gateway scenario for keepers and players who have not played in the Regency Cthulhu era before. 

Miskatonic Repository Titles

The Pursuit
Cameron Hays ($4.00, 18 page PDF)

It is 1808 in the midst of Napoleon’s War. The HMS Plantagenet, a warship in the service of the British Navy, has been surprised by a larger, more heavily armed French ship in the mid-Atlantic. The Plantagenet, suffering from significant damage, now finds itself fleeing a superior opponent, even while strange and awful events unfold onboard. 

The Pursuit is a Regency Cthulhu scenario for up to six players portraying characters from His Majesty’s navy.

Time's Prisoners: A Regency Cthulhu Adventure on the High Seas
Stephen K. Stein ($4.99, 26 page PDF)

In 1816, the HMS Harrier sails for Saint Helena where Napoleon, the former Emperor of France, was exiled last year. Few of the Harrier’s passengers are entirely what they seem. Some conceal past scandals. Others carry secrets that endanger the ship. Enroute the HMS Harrier stumbles into a hole in time: an ancient prison holding ancient horrors. Will the heroes find their way home? Or will they die prisoners of time?

A Pulp Regency Cthulhu Adventure for up to six players.

And there's a In Strange Seas: Scenario Bundle!

All the above In Strange Seas Regency Cthulhu titles (In Strange Seas, Forbidden Seas and Perilous Coasts, A Drop of Nelson's Blood, The Pursuit, Time's Prisoners) for $13.99 – save 32%!


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