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Miskatonic Monday #63 - these indie Call of Cthulhu titles are close to Copper on DTRPG - give their creators a boost!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 21st Nov 2022

It's very gratifying for a new creator to earn a metal sales tier badge for their work on DriveThruRPG. The first such badge is Copper, for 51 sales*. These Miskatonic Repository titles are with ten sales of reaching that first metal goal, so do check them out and give their creators a boost!

*note: calculations for rankings does not include free copies or sales below $0.20. 

The Black Tree of Cold Springs
Diego Batres ($4.50, 38 page PDF)
The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl have taken their toll on the small town of Cold Springs. As the townspeople grow more and more desperate, some have chosen to flee, while others refused to abandon their homes and chose to tough it out, no matter how bad the dust storms got. But when a dust storm uncovered a series of ancient standing stones on humble farmer William Mullin’s property, he discovered a third, more appealing option, and began to worship The Mistress of the Grain.

The Arkham Witch Trials of 1693
Duncan Heystek ($2.25, 21 page PDF)
The sleep town of Arkham has suffered a lot this past year. Like Salem, a bloody witch hunt has been conducted, seeing many innocents to the gallows for no logical reason. However when an old widow in town has been accused of witchcraft, strange thing begin to seep into this silent little town. Can it be mere coincidence, or is there truly witches among them?
A scenario for new players or inexperienced Keepers set in 1693 colonial Arkham.

An Occurrence at Como Bluff
Dawson Wohler ($5.00, 9 page PDF)
Begins in 1878 as investigators disembark the train in Medicine Bow, a small railroad town in the Dakota Territory (present day Wyoming). With them is world renowned paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope. They have come to disrupt the work of Cope’s rival, Charles Othniel Marsh. For the Down Darker Trails setting.

Taming the Waterwolf
Arjen Poutsma ($4.99, 44 page PDF)
Historical scenario set in the Netherlands of 1849, in the early stages of the reclamation of the country’s largest lake, the Haarlemmermeer (Haarlem’s Lake). In its course, the investigators will be inquiring into the sabotage of the Lynden, one of the three enormous steam-powered pumping mills that were constructed on the shores of the lake to facilitate its drainage. Soon they discover that the sabotage is just one of a series of strange happenings that surround the emptying lake.
Though set in the Netherlands, the scenario itself is written in English.

For the Love Of...
Jon Hook ($3.00, 24 page PDF)
You and your companions are recognized as local experts in things strange and unusual, which is why Dective Harden has asked you and your team to consult on the murder of Arkham socialite, Eugene Saltonstall. For the crime scene defies all resonable explanation, and is more aptly described as something strange and unusual. Drained of blood and torn to pieces, the murder of Eugene Saltonstall is something the Arkham Police Department is not trained to understand and unprepared to handle. Hopefully you're up for the task!

The Hole
Jon Hook ($2.00, 20 page PDF)
This short side quest can be dropped into nearly any Call of Cthulhu campaign. It comes with five pre-generated characters making this a perfect scenario for a quick one-shot between your regular game night sessions. 

A Night at Darkbank
Andy Miller ($1.99, 24 page PDF)
While passing through the tiny village of El Rito, New Mexico Territory, a lone investigator learns a notorious criminal recently escaped from the tiny town jail. Someone needs to track him down and bring the murderer back to justice.

The Haunted Place
Andy Miller ($4.99, 56 page PDF)
When a group of people, lost in the neighborhoods of Providence in 1925, strike a crazed man with their motorcar, they find the reasons for his running pell-mell into the street are not as straightforward as one might think. Jacob North is fleeing from the terrors of his recently purchased and apparently long-haunted house, but cannot stay away for long. If the investigators are willing to help the man, he might just survive whatever is causing the strange occurrences in what the neighbors sometimes call “The Massacre House.”

The Curse of Dudleytown
Andy Miller ($6.99, 70 page PDF)
In 1811, a small group of people travel to the gloomy community of Dudleytown in Cornwall, Connecticut, which seems to stand in the perpetual shadow of the mountains near it. Each of them has their own reasons for visiting the tiny community, but they soon find that rumors of a curse over the plateau upon which Dudleytown stands are more dangerous than they ever imagined. Will they be able to escape from the curse that haunts the stone-walled fields of Dudleytown … or will it destroy them all? Be careful where you step, for sometimes terrible things lurk just beneath your feet.

Glimpses of Terror: The Chanting
Nikk Effingham ($4.99, 24 page PDF)
October 1988. Peggy Lawler was an inveterate writer of murder mystery novels. It has been a year since she went missing and, two weeks ago, she was declared dead. Ash Wyatt has flown to New York to tidy up her affairs, taking the chance to catch-up with friends and family on the east coast. Perfectly suited for players with no experience of role-playing games. For 1 Keeper and 2-6 players.

Glimpses of Terror: The Cabinets
Nikk Effingham ($4.99, 29 page PDF)
Summer 2004. Sun, sea, sex. The Investigators are college students travelling in Thailand, invited to a Moon Party on one of the nearby islands. There, they will learn of the darkest secret about humanity. For 1 Keeper and 2-6 players.

Mauerfall, 1961-1989
Murray Dahm ($4.99, 36 page PDF)
The splitting of Berlin and Germany in 1945 between the Soviet Union and the other Allied powers proved too much and the enforced division of Berlin and Germany rent its soul in two. The manifestation of that torn soul yearns with an unbearable hunger to be reunited but in its pain, it drives any who stand in its way out of their minds. The torn soul of Germany also knows that reunification can only be affected at the proper time and the proper place, when circumstances (and the stars) are right.
The investigators in this adventure are all residents in West Berlin between 1961 and 1989, caught up in the hot point of the Cold War.

One for One - Bathory's Children
Sean Liddle ($1.00, 4 page PDF)
Bathory's Children is a Black Metal band on hiaitus in Germany after a terrible happening at one of their concerts that caused their tour to end abruptly. They have been travelling incognito while they get back slowly into the metel mindset. But what is this? Their manager brings them an invitation to a small town near Berlin where they are staying, to meet up with a rival band and rock the night away! The guy however, he's a bit of a nut. And jealous. And far far too serious about all that Satanic stuff for their liking. Oh well. They are on vacation of sorts.

One for One - Island 256
Sean Liddle, Niall Liddle ($1.00, 5 page PDF)
You are part of a small squad of Japanese soldiers on a remote island in the pacific. You have been present garrisoning the island and base for over two years. The war rages on but you have had no contact with the fleet or Japan for over sixteen months. You continue to follow orders and guard against the American forces. There is plenty of food and fresh water and the climate, well you are used to it. Another day dawns and you gather as a group over breakfast to receive your orders.

Hocus Pocus
Adam Gauntlett ($4.00, 22 page PDF)
Famous Harlem stage magician Benjamin Rucker needs your help. A rival, the self-styled King of the Cats, has a new routine and it's cutting into Rucker's bottom line. Just what is that mummy-thing the King has on display? Why does it seem to move under its own power?
This scenario pits the investigators against minions of an Outer God, and all of New York may be forfeit if they fail. The King of the Cats thinks he has his Children of the Sphynx under his control, but the Children have their own instructions. The city will obey, or it will be wiped off the face of the Earth - unless the investigators step in.
This scenario is a sequel to The Man Downstairs, but players do not have to have played that scenario to enjoy this one.

Can't stop the loneliness
Steven Goodison ($2.00, 32 page PDF)
A troubled young man terrorizes the capital, an ancient curse rears its ugly head, horrors from before return and it all ends amongst a hazy night.
The final part to the grand five part Edo Japan campaign.

House of the setting sun
Steven Goodison ($1.00, 25 page PDF)
After 'Relaxing' in a peacful little mountain town, tragedy strikes and the investigators are called to the grand capital of Japan, Edo itself. A disgraced family, a missing girl and an indifferent emperor will take the investigators to the most devasting place yet. A house.
The penultimate chapter to the grand five part Edo Japan campaign.

The Snake's Oil
Michael Frank, Arthur Rothfuss III, Emily Mills-Woodruff, Chris Hogan, Scott Stamper, Wayne Holt ($4.99, 25 page PDF)
Three years ago, a town healer helped Eleanor Yistler become pregnant with the aid of a poorly translated ritual. The incantations incorrectly called for the sacrifice of nine rattlesnakes, and as a result the ritual angered Yig...
The events take place in the late spring or summer of 1893 in the fictional town of Bloodstone, South Dakota. Can be used with the Down Darker Trails setting.

Nightmare in Providence
Justin Fanzo ($2.00, 32 page PDF)
The investigators have been recruited by the Providence police chief to investigate the coinciding disappearances of film director and nickelodeon owner Elias Hoffmann, as well as aspiring actress and local celebrity Marilyn Shepherd.
This adventure takes place in Providence, Rhode Island in the year 1928. This adventure contains a healthy mixture of combat and investigation, with a few puzzles as well.

Jovian Moon Deep
Antonio Gabriel IV Abad ($3.00, 61 page PDF)
Only Horrors Lie Ahead – There is an ocean of ice beneath Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter. Jovian Moon Deep is a game of exploration, madness, and survival as Investigators seek to uncover the secrets locked within Europa’s depths.

The Reading Of A Will
Drew Baker, Richard Cartwright, Paul Sims ($9.99, 75 page PDF)
Welcome to a different kind of Green and Pleasant Land:The year is 1923, the place, Great Britain. Contacted out of the blue by a firm of respected London solicitors in regard to the estate of their late client, one Captain Robert Joyce, the beneficiaries - all strangers to each other - must travel to the late Captain’s home in a quiet corner of the county of Essex to hear their benefactor’s Last Will and Testament and claim their legacies.

The Grim Occupation
Benton Hodges ($4.99, 35 page PDF)
The year is 1944. The battle to liberate France from Axis control is waging on, leaving a trail of destruction in it's wake. In the face of extreme adversity, an Axis commander resorts to forbidden knowledge in an attempt to change to tide of battle, repeating horrific mistakes of the town's sordid past.
This Scenario is suitable for Call of Cthulhu campaigns without requiring any supplement material. Includes pre-generated characters.

Folded Space - A One Page Investigation
Peter Rudin-Burgess ($1.99, 2 page PDF)
Professor Gordon is missing and his lab has been destroyed in the most bizarre fashion, as if liquified and twisted in every direction. Boston University wants you to find the missing professor, and discover what happened during the experiment that went wrong, without involving the police in what is a purely university matter. 

Exploding Cultists - A One Page Investigation
Peter Rudin-Burgess ($1.99, 2 page PDF)
The characters witness a shocking spontaneous human combustion event, and are soon contacted by Professor Swales, who is researching this topic. It isn't long before Prof. Swales life is in danger. A One Page Investigation for Call of Cthulhu.

Shape-shifting Horrors - A One page Investigation
Peter Rudin-Burgess ($1.99, 2 page PDF)
Whilst staying at a hotel outside of Boston, the characters hear how the dam on the Charles River has washed up some historical finds and caused disruption along the way as the water rises to form the reservoir. A One Page Investigation for Call of Cthulhu.

The Scales of The Serpent
Craig Tohill, A.M. Aylward ($4.95, 20 page PDF)
Throughout the US Southwest and northern Mexico, you can hear whispered warnings about the Scales of the Serpent. They are a ruthless and territorial biker gang, almost impossible to find if they don’t want to be. There are rumors of their serpentine features and strange, bloody rituals, and even the cartels keep a wide berth of the Scales. What secrets do the Scales of the Serpent hide in their motorcycle satchels and hard, cold eyes?
The Scales of the Serpent is a cult dossier, intended for Keepers to either build a modern campaign around or include in an existing modern campaign.

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