Miskatonic Monday #28 : You Too Can Self-Publish Call of Cthulhu says Gnome Stew

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 19th Apr 2021

"You Too Can Self-Publish Call of Cthulhu" says the award winning gaming site Gnome Stew.

Bridgett Jeffries Gnome Stew Miskatonic Repositorry article

The Gnome Stew article is by Miskatonic Repository creator Bridgett Jeffries. Bridgett says she's written this piece to inspire and encourage, and offer plenty of helpful advice and links to where you can get more of both. 

"If you love Call of Cthulhu and you think others would enjoy running amuck in your mythos imagined world, you have options! You can self-publish on the Repository. The most important thing? You don’t have to do it alone. We all started somewhere. So, whether you have a nagging scenario idea chewing a hole through your brain, or you have a fully completed scenario hiding in the dark recesses on your hard drive…

Maybe it’s time to bring it to the light."

Read the Gnome Stew article here.

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