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Journey to Jonstown #70: A Rough Guide to Boldhome returns at Chaosium Con

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 21st Apr 2024

Following the triumphant return of the 51 player Home of the Bold game at Chaosium Con in Ann Arbor this weekend, A Rough Guide to Boldhome is now available worldwide in print and PDF in the Jonstown Compendium at DriveThruRPG.

Designed as the official sourcebook for the Home of the Bold freeform (LARP), A Rough Guide to Boldhome is also a valuable resource for RuneQuest GMs and players wishing to explore the famous city of Boldhome and its inhabitants. As it is system agnostic, the sourcebook can be used for roleplaying with other rules systems as well. 

While the book draws heavily from the original 1992 Rough Guide, it’s been completely updated and greatly expanded. Featuring content by many well-known Glorantha creators including Greg Stafford, Jeff Richard, Nick Brooke, and David Hall, this 81 page full colour book also previews material from the forthcoming official RuneQuest Sartar sourcebook, and includes new Gloranthan fiction by Michael O'Brien.

It’s also full of new colour artwork, previous artwork and maps, and features three new full colour maps of the region. 

A Rough Guide to Boldhome
David Hall, Greg Stafford, Jeff Richard, Nick Brooke, John Hughes, Kevin Jacklin, Michael O'Brien, Steve Thomas ($9.95, 81 page PDF, also available as softcover POD)

Boldhome – “the impossible city”, built by Sartar the Peacemaker and the Mostali into the Quivin Mountains, and capital city of Sartar's Princedom. It fell to the Lunar Empire in 1602 and has remained occupied by them ever since. Will 1625 be any different?

Official sourcebook for the Home of the Bold 51-player freeform game set in Earth season of 1625 in Boldhome.

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