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Journey to Jonstown #68: RPG Writer Workshop RuneQuest Adventure Collection celebrates new creators for RuneQuest

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 3rd Feb 2024

Out now in print: the RPG Writer Workshop RuneQuest Adventure Collection! This 124-page softcover book brings together six RuneQuest adventures created by the graduates of the Storytelling Collective's 2022 RPG Writer Workshop's Write Your First Adventure course, with a refreshed layout. 

Scenarios in this collection include:

  • The White Upon the Hills, by Sacha Gauthier and Reece Dyer. "For many seasons, the White Blight has plagued the hunting grounds on Stael’s Hills. During the Great Hunt, the adventurers encounter the aftermath of a monstrous attack and the origin of the spreading curse. Tracking the monster, they find a magic strike-stone from an ancient hunting legend. If they intend to use it, they must retread the steps of a mysterious hunting god — to bind, slay and cleanse their prey."
  • Died in the Wool, by Braeden Harpool. "In a small highland community in Sartar, a case of missing sheep has the villagers on edge, and a caravan of trolls and their strange beasts has recently arrived. Tensions rise to a boil, and as the investigation unfolds, the only answer to the conflict is revealed: Trollball."
  • A Lamp for Esrola, by Sven Lugar. "Journey into the Troll realms of the Shadow Plateau to retrieve the Tears of the Only Old One! At a celebration to honor the rebuilding of the Temple of Esrola and her Grandson, Fufluns, an opportunity to bring the source of eternal light to the temple is presented to the Adventurers. Are they up to journeying to the Troll-lands around the Shadow Plateau and negotiating or stealing Tear-stones?
  • The Indagos Bull, by Rob Marcus. "It is just before the Earth Temple High Holy Day, and the favourite bull for the blessing ceremony has gone missing! The Earth priestess is worried that the community will be affected. Contains details of the Pavic meat trade, farming in Prax, Hazia effects, and what happens when you tangle with a Hazia Elf."
  • The Lottery, by Robert Stoll. "After weeks on the road with the Ravenhair family trade wagon, you've finally reached the Lunar Empire. Shortly after crossing the Glowline, you enter a village where a local ritual ensnares you in an ancient curse. The fate of your family, two villages, and an entire river valley are all in jeopardy. Can you save them all from a terrifying cult before it's too late?"
  • An Orlanthi Wedding, by Ian Straus. "One of your group's male Orlanthi adventurers is getting married. The scenario's five acts should be interleaved with other adventures over several seasons, and culminate with an unexpected heroquest."

If you are interested in writing your first TTRPG adventure, do check out the Write Your First Adventure Workshops at the Storytelling Collective! Chaosium is proud to partner with the Storytelling Collective in this program, which includes dedicated streams for both prospective Call of Cthulhu and RuneQuest creators, along with a general stream. 

See more examples of creations by Write Your First Adventure alumni in these digital bundles at DriveThruRPG.

Vale Braeden Harpool (1991 - 2022)

Died in the Wool

This print edition of the RPG Writer Workshop RuneQuest Adventure Collection is dedicated to the memory of Jonstown Compendium creator and RPG Writer Workshop alumnus Braeden Harpool, author of the adventure "Died in the Wool". 

Braeden died unexpectedly on December 30th 2022. Five copies have been sent to his family, who've told us they cherish that Braeden's creative work has been memorialised in print. They will continue to receive the royalties from sales of his work.