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Journey to Jonstown #61: Old Pavis, the City that Time Forgot

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 4th Sep 2023

Jonstown Compendium

The city of Pavis, located on the fabled River of Cradles, is one of the RuneQuest TTRPG's oldest and most iconic settings. Explore it further with community content at the Jonstown Compendium!

Old Pavis: The City that Time Forgot
Ian A. Thomson & Friends, including Peter Johanssen, R. Andrew Bean, John R. Hutchinson, Graeme Prowse ($19.75, 242 page PDF)

The second volume in a hugely expanded re-release of the original Companion series*. An 'old school' campaign, updated to the new rules system (RQG), yet in the classic style of RQ2 gameplay. Independent mercenaries seeking adventure and glory, who slowly but surely become more connected with the Cult of Pavis, until they end up as Champions of the Old City!

Jonstown Compendium

*And the long-awaited print-on-demand edition of New Pavis: City on the Edge of Forever, volume one in the series, is now available, $35.95 for a massive 224-page colour hardcover tome!

River of Cradles Hex Map
wargaluk ($1.99, 3 page PDF)

This hex map depicts the Zola Fel Valley region of Prax and its immediate surroundings. It has a modern, minimalist visual style that is optimized for legibility and ease of use. Significant geographical features were relocated and redrawn to better fit the hex grid. The intended scale of the map is 3 miles (approximately 5 kilometers) per hex.

Jonstown Compendium

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