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Journey to Jonstown #59: Nochet, Queen of Cities, and other new releases

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 24th Aug 2023

Nochet Queen of Cities - Jonstown Compendium

Harald's Smith's Nochet: Queen of Cities opens up Glorantha's greatest city for play and exploration! A DriveThruRPG site bestseller, see why reviewers call this independently-created release is "a supplement many fans have been waiting decades for." 

And check out other new community content releases for RuneQuest in the Jonstown Compendium:

Nochet, Queen of Cities
Harald Smith ($24.99, 280 page PDF)

The city of Nochet is the largest city in all Glorantha. It is an ancient city, yet colorful and vibrant. It is a city of wonders, yet a city of day-to-day life. It is a divine city filled with temples and shrines, yet a city of decadence. It is a city of the familiar, yet a city of mystery where the ghosts of ancestors come annually to see what their descendants have accomplished. It is a city of the verge of the Hero Wars.

Designed for both gamemasters and players, Nochet: Queen of Cities includes: an overview of the city, detailed and indexed maps, ~1300 detailed locations, 5 pre-defined Houses for adventurers, a Cast of Characters, Daily Life, Encounters, Rumors, Legends, and information on the Ever-changing City. It is a foundation for your urban Gloranthan adventures.

Ian Straus ($4.90, 61 page PDF)

Is it time for your RuneQuest adventurers to have real lives with more ties to Gloranthan society and economy? Are they rootless and need a place of their own? Or have they outgrown the economic limits of their home clan? Is the Issaries merchant ready to shine in doing bronze age business - or perchance to blunder at it?

Caravanserai is intended for at least one experienced and prosperous key Adventurer with at least 2,500 Lunars, preferably an Issaries initiate (and ideally his or her companions) - to own and operate a caravanserai, which is a highway inn with a walled compound of outbuildings and stables.

All Along A River
Paul Baker ($16.00, 160 page PDF)

A mini campaign set in the South Eastern lands of Teshnos.
Makes extensive reference to the Houses of Teshnos and Teshnos Companion.
The scenario follows the voyage of the River Rose between the cities along the great river Tesho.

Character Campaign Book, Female Adventure
Michael Bernth ($9.95, 124 page PDF)

Character Campaign Book, Male Adventure
Michael Bernth ($9.95, 124 page PDF)

With the Character Campaign Book, you can make a journal of your player character’s adventure through Glorantha. The book is designed to enhance your sheet with a journal aimed at providing a convenient and immersive experience for your game.

Within the pages of the book, you'll find a well-organized layout that allows for easy access to all the important information you need, all contained in a single volume, ensuring a seamless gameplay experience. Each and every possible entry are made with fileable fields.

Glorantha Settlement 26
Mikael Mansen ($4.05, 2 maps)

A small settlement with a fort; one day and one night map.

Teleos - Glorantha Close up
Mikael Mansen ($4.15, 2 maps)

This up-close map contains two high resolution maps of Teleos.

Loral - Glorantha Close up
Mikael Mansen ($4.15, 2 maps)

This up-close map contains two high resolution maps of Loral.

What is the Jonstown Compendium?

Are you a Gamesmaster looking for new scenarios and story elements? A player looking for something mysterious to spark a character idea? Is your group looking for more Gloranthan goodness to use in your game? The Jonstown Compendium is where you can find —and create —self-published material for your Gloranthan roleplaying games.