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Journey to Jonstown #49: final look at indie RQ releases releases for 2022

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 24th Dec 2022

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Under the Jonstown Compendium community content license, fans of Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha can sell and share their own independently-created material on DriveThruRPG. If that appeals, check out the Jonstown Compendium Guidelines and start creating!

In the meantime, here's a final look for 2022 at new releases in Jonstown Compendium:

A Lamp for Esrola
Sven Lugar($2.00, 16 page PDF)

Journey into the Troll realms of the Shadow Plateau. Retrieve the Tears of the Only Old One which hold the secrets of Light and Darkness for the new Temple of Esrola. During the Siege of Nochet many beautiful buildings were damaged or destroyed. At a celebration to honor the rebuilding of the Temple of Esrola and her Grandson, Fufluns, an opportunity to bring the source of eternal light to the temple is presented to the Adventurers. Are they up to journeying to the Troll-lands around the Shadow Plateau and negotiating or stealing Tear-stones? As the bard Joan of Clan Blackwoodstone sings:

I love trouncin’ trolls / So put another spear through the Great Troll, baby / I love trouncin’ trolls, / So come and take your time and fight with me!

A Weather Eye Open: A Wayfarer's Companion
Drew Baker ($10.95, 262 page PDF)

Following on from Highways and Byways feedback, this Wayfarer's Companion considers the much-underestimated potential for using weather in your RuneQuest gameplay. Designed to assist the gamemaster, this publication is intended to provide a backdrop to enrich gaming sessions, help scenario writing and answer on-the-spot questions about the weather.

Holiday Dorastor: Moon Elves
Leon Kirshtein, Simon Phipp ($6.00, 43 page PDF)

Features descriptions of the exotic Moon Elves, a Bestiary with five new creature variants, rules for the magical dances of the Red Goddess, one new skill, one new magical item, four new Runespells, and two scenarios, one of which is a variant of the Hill of Gold HeroQuest. So, come to spread the word of Moon Brother to the Aldryami of Dorastor.

Hydra - Adventurers from the Lunar Provinces
Peter Hart ($7.00, 58 page PDF)

The Lunar Provinces sit between the Lunar Heartlands in the north, Balazar in the east, Sartar and the Grazelands in the south and the Hydra Mountains and Dorastor in the west. They consist of five kingdoms: Aggar, Holay, Imther, Tarsh, and Vanch. This book, in conjunction with the RQG main rulebook, allows players and gamemasters to create adventurers from these lands. It includes homeland passions, runes, cultural skills, family history events and regimental tables. There are also twenty fully detailed pregenerated adventurers.

Rubble Runners Volume 2 - Another Volume of Pavis Personalities
Jon Hunter ($4.99, 37 page PDF)

Another collection of 15 highly detailed character descriptions for Runequest Glorantha. Set in the locations of New Pavis, the Big Rubble and the Zola Fel valley. These Characters are designed to add depth, realism, their own cadence and a maybe a hint of whimsy to a beloved and classic setting.

The Indagos Bull
Rob Marcus ($2.95, 25 page PDF)

It is two days before the Eiritha High Holy Day, and Farmer Jyles' prize bull has gone missing! The Eiritha priestess is worried that the community blessing ceremony will be affected. However, there is a rumour that Jyles' neighbour has a secret, and Jyles' lazy son has been looking pleased with himself.

Contains details of Indagos town, Pavic meat trade, farming in Prax, Hazia effects table, and what happens when you tangle with a Hazia Elf.

The White Upon the Hills
Sacha Gauthier, Reece Dyer ($2.95, 22 page PDF)

“Trap the beast in twine / Catch it at its shrine. / Bind its soul with Death / Cease its final breath. / Burn the curse with stone / Cleanse the land of bone.”

For many seasons, the White Blight has plagued the hunting grounds on Stael’s Hills. During the Great Hunt, the adventurers encounter the aftermath of a monstrous attack and the origin of the spreading curse. Tracking the monster, they find a magic strike-stone from an ancient hunting legend. If they intend to use it, they must retread the steps of a mysterious hunting god — to bind, slay and cleanse their prey. Will the adventurers get all the artifacts from the song? Will they simply trap and kill their foe? Or will their deeds heal a centuries-old betrayal and restore the land?

Died in the Wool
Braeden Harpool ($1.95, 15 page PDF)

In a small highland community in Sartar, a case of missing sheep has the villagers on edge, and a caravan of trolls and their strange beasts has recently arrived. Tensions rise to a boil, and as the investigation unfolds, the only answer to the conflict is revealed: Trollball. 3-part scenario featuring information on Orlanthi sheep herding, a myth of woad and wool, and a Human perspective on the essential Troll cultural game.

The Way: Paths of Enlightenment
Paul Baker ($12.00, 64 page PDF)

An exploration into the paths of enlightenment and Martial arts of Kralorela and Teshnos. Monks, Martial Artists, their schools and orders. Revised and updated material for the Kralori Primer setting, including a fleshed out martial arts school.

Desire for Knowledge
Niall Sullivan ($2.99, 20 page PDF)

Desire for Knowledge takes place in the city of Jonstown, featured in the Runequest Starter Set.

The player characters are contacted by a sage in the Jonstown Library, who offers them payment to recover a dangerous scroll. The scroll is hidden in a townhouse formerly owned by an official of the Lunar Empire. It is also haunted by ghosts and spirits, and caution is warranted.

Depending on how the PC’s interact with the spirits of the house, they may learn that there is more to the sage and the scroll than appearances would suggest…

Glorantha settlement - 20 - Talfort
Mikael Mansen ($4.25, 2 maps)

Talfort: one map for day and one map for night.

Dorastor Campaign Maps
Dario Corallo ($2.13, 1 JPG)

A 80x50 cm 300 dpi map of Dorastor…

The Big Rubble Campaign Map
Dario Corallo ($2.13, 1 JPG)

A color 50x70 cm Campaign Map of the Big Rubble, heaven of the Adventurers…

Pamaltela Campaign Map
Dario Corallo (Pay-What-You-Want, Suggested Price $1.07, 1 JPG, 1 EPS)

This map is 18 year old… It was made for Unspoken Word (fanzine). Times are good for a new generation of players to see (and maybe use) it. It comes in two formats: a 300 dpi jpeg and an eps if you want a larger print.
Have good play and beware the Slaargs ;-)

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