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Journey to Jonstown #38: The Six Paths and more

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 6th May 2022

Wonderful new creations on the Jonstown Compendium...

The Six Paths
Edan Jones (Pay-What-You-Want*; 28 page PDF)

A sourcebook on gender among the Heortlings. Contents include: descriptions of the six main Heortling genders; the cults of Heler, Nandan and Vinga; six example characters exploring the gender identities. Featuring artwork by 2021 Greg Stafford Award winner Katrin Dirim.

*Note: This sourcebook is PWYW, as an alternative, the creators have asked you to please consider donating whatever amount you would have paid for this to your local LGBT+ charity.

Highways & Byways - A Wayfarer's Companion
Drew Baker ($10.95, 106 page PDF)

What time is dawn?
How long will the journey take?
Is there even a road to take or will the party have to travel overland?

Inspired by the cartography of the RuneQuest Starter Set, Highways and Byways tackles the dilemma of every adventurer; how to get from point A to point B.

Vilinar Cave
Dario Corallo ($3.16, tokens)

VTT tokens of a classical nest of broos from The Revenge of Muriah, the fourth adventure in RuneQuest Classic's Borderlands & Beyond.

More Glorantha Area Maps
Mikael Mansen

Plus title in Japanese!

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