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Journey to Jonstown #37: these indie RuneQuest titles are part of DriveThruRPG's 'Best in Print' sale

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 19th Apr 2022

Best of Print Sale

DriveThruRPG have selected these bestselling Jonstown Compendium titles to be in their 'Best of Print' sale. For the next two weeks here's your chance to get these acclaimed indie RuneQuest titles in glorious print and save 10%:

Best of Print

  • The Company of the Dragon - Andrew Logan Mongomery's highly praised sequel to the bestselling Six Seasons in Sartar.
  • Black Spear - Nick Brooke's epic saga of the Hero Wars, described as "one of the greatest scenarios ever written for RuneQuest and the world of Glorantha" and "top-shelf, high-grade Gloranthan psychedelia".
  • The Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass - Martin Helsdon's magnum opus, winner of the inaugural Greg Stafford Award for Gloranthan fandom.
  • The God Skin & Mad Prax - Jonathan Webb and Michael O'Brien's final volume of Sun County adventures in the acclaimed Sandheart series.
  • Secrets of Dorastor - Simon Phipp's massive campaign pack set in the fabled land of Dorastor.
  • Citizens of the Lunar Empire - Chris Gidlow's ENNIE award winning sourcebook for urban RuneQuest adventures, focusing on the day-to-day lives of the working-class heroes of the Lunar capital.