Journey to Jonstown #13 - Nick Brooke's ongoing index of the Jonstown Compendium is a helpful guide for Glorantha fans

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 31st Aug 2020

Jonstown Compendium creator Nick Brooke has put together an incredibly helpful guide to the growing list of titles in our community content program for RuneQuest and Glorantha on DriveThruRPG. 

His Jonstown Compendium Scenarios & Sourcebooks index has already expanded from 5 to 25 pages since its first release, with Nick adding in new titles that have appeared in the Jonstown Compendium. Fortunately, once you buy the index ($0.50), you automatically receive all future updates! 

Each Jonstown Compendium title is presented with clear information, including content analysis, characters, settings, and complexity: 

Nick's index also features a Where in the World? map showing every scenario's location:

Here's what Designers & Dragons featured reviewer Shannon Appelcline says about this handy work:

Amazing little booklet, codifying everything currently available from the Jonstown Compendium... This attractively laid-out book steps through every adventure currently on the Compendium (with attention also paid to sourcebooks and accessories) and tells you whether you'd want it or not by highlighting adventure location, book size, book price, and basic information about the product. The fact that this is all written by a Gloranthan sage makes it all the more useful.

If you are interested in making purchases from the Compendium, this is obviously the first thing to pick up, especially as it continues to grow.

Jonstown Compendium Scenarios & Sourcebooks

Jonstown Compendium Scenarios & Sourcebooks
Nick Brooke ($0.50, 25 page PDF*)

Nick Brooke's index to all the scenarios and sourcebooks available from Chaosium's Jonstown Compendium community content web store on DriveThruRPG.

*will be updated as new content is added to the Jonstown Compendium.